Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22 September 1956 “TV for Australia, the 1956 View of Tomorrow, and Fun Well Behaved Teens”

This month, on the 16th to be exact, Australia finally joined the ranks of TV viewers. It began on the 16th this year, 1956, broadcasting from TCN-9 Sydney. That is where the first TV tower was built in Australia.
Here is an example of some of the opening night sort of Australian Programming. ( I think this must have been from some modern Australian programming looking back to 1956. I thought it almost rude of the native gentleman at the end to laugh and make fun of the woman. I think for a white woman at that time, it is rather fine of her to care about the native culture and to want to study it. We may speak a language not our own with an accent, but it is hardly fitting to poke fun at it.)
While we are on the subject of tv, I thought I would share this little short. It was made by GM, but has some interesting fashions, home and cars. There is a fun part where she is in the ‘kitchen of tomorrow’ so space age. And her costumes for tennis, golf and swimming are adorable. Just a fun little piece to watch.
Here is also a darling film about auto safety. It is worth a watch to see the kitchen (wonderful red stove) great outfits and really well-behaved people, especially teens.
Until tomorrow, Happy Homemaking.
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