Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15 February 1957 “How To”

I thought today some simple vintage “How to” would be nice. I know I have seen these old cardboard letter files before, but not sure if they were at an antique store or just a stationary store. But, I like the ingenuity of this How To, as today one would just go and buy something like this already made up at a big box store. Here one is encouraged to make it themselves.filehowto I think it would be a great project for anyone who collects vintage dolls to make one of these with vintage wallpaper or shelf paper scraps.

 deskhowtoThis is a great use of an old door (for an antique look) or for a more modern mid-century version. Again, one might visit IKEA today for something like this. Here we see it is simple enough to assemble ourselves and then we can customize it as we like.howtodesk2

Happy Homemaking.

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