Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 September 1955 “So Sorry”

I really am sorry that my posts are so few and far between of late, but we just literally got into the main house yesterday. I am in a sea of boxes and trying to throw together dinners with what I can find in which box. I am very happy to be back and I DO promise a proper post soon, so do bear with me. This move is all encompassing.

To tide you over here are some videos.

This is Jimmy Durante from this year.

What I notice is that just starting now, 1955, music is moving more towards teens and the need to be really attractive. Obviously stars looked good but you could be a performer based on your star power or talent not some homogenious hollywood ideal of beauty.

This looks like an interesting movie, anyone seen it? I love the hopefulness mixed with foreboding warning that 50’s sci-fi always brings. I suppose so close to two world wars the future could seem wondrous and bright but filled with the fear of repeating histories mistakes. We need to adapt this fear again and look to the past.

I thought this interesting, the moonwalk pre-Michael.

So I’ll close with this: A great performer, great song, and wonderful wonderful dress. How could you not feel amazing in that outfit?

So, until I find a few minutes, lets keep our apron revolution on track.

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