Sunday, January 4, 2009

4 January 1955

Well, there were some wonderful comments on my last blog. I want to get to the answers, but first the news:
This bit of news hits home about our living in the atomic age. 4th January, 1955 : The U.S. had conducted hydrogen bomb experiments in the Pacific for about a year prior to this date. On this day (January 4th, 1955) the U.S. paid out $2,000,000 towards the loss of life and property which occurred on March 1, 1954. In 1954, one fisherman had been killed and several other individuals were sickened. Furthermore, the fish located among local Japanese fishing operations were contaminated.

It's funny to think of Japan now and what it must have been after the war. I do know that during the 50's we used Japan much the way we use china now. Many cheap goods came from them as they were trying to rebuild their war-torn country. I also understand the fear (tho I am sure not to the same level they must have) of an impending bomb attack. Thus, bomb shelters etc.

On a lighter note (though I am sure this car was anything BUT light) :New versions of Packard Company automobiles were being manufactured as of this date. The Packard Caribbean was one of the most noted automobiles produced by this company on this day. It was this company’s first V-8 engine vehicle, and it competed against cars such as the new Corvettes and Thunderbirds being made at this time. I would adore such a car and the color is so wonderful.

This one is pertinent to todays high paid celebrtites. Television celebrity Jackie Gleason signed a $5,000,000 contract with the CBS television station. That was an incredible amount of money in those days. I am able to watch the Jackie Gleason show and have been watching it, apparantly, for three years as it began in 1952. Although, perhaps we merely bought our first tv this year?

Now, some of you asked about cooking and cleaning plans. You also asked about children. My husband and I do not have children at present and have not made plans for any yet. I am sure had I had a child it would make the project much harder. Would I inflict upon him 1955? Would I swap his joystick and killing video games with a cowboy hat and plastic pistol to go kill some imaginary indians? I honestly don't know. Tough call, one that I luckily do not have to make.

Now, for cooking, right now I am using both magazines and these two primary cook books. The first was published in 1955, though I think the second might be later 1950's but alas, I will use it. I do know it was a republish from 1951, so very similiar I am sure.

The Better Homes cook book has this lovely image in it that inspires me for this year. It is very inviting to me as the woman is wearing my favorite color and look what she has prepared and all she has put aside in the canning in the background and yet her clothes are clean and pressed and nails done. I am a little disturbed by her not having a head in the pic. Telling image for my upcoming year, the perfect prepared faceless household automaton? Most likely any woman in 1955 who had this book would have felt as I do, that they should live up to her, but also realized they had curlers in their hair in their robe cleaning up the bedroom.

I know someone asked about cleaning schedule and if I had a book I was using for that purpopse. I am actually setting up my cleaning schedule for the house today. I do not have a specific book to help me to know what would have been done. I would like to get such a book and have the hubby scouring ebay for me now for such a thing. I believe my days will involve making beds, cooking then cleaning up, vacuuming dusting etc. I may play it by ear, as maybe a housewife would. Oh, I do want to show off my vintage housekeeping TOOL. It is a tool as well, because my vintage Kirby vacuum has attachements for EVERYTHING, including spray painting and an attachement for sharpening knives. My kirby, I believe, is actually from 1958-9 but close enough. I love how it looks. And it is green, tho I have no idea what that term means yet, as there are no bags, u merely empty out the inner liner in the cloth bag. Here is a pic of me in action with it. I will show all its attachement in a pic in a future blog. I love the sound it makes.

Yesterday, I was off with two friends antiquing. We found some lovely vintage items and I even found a new navy swing coat I adore. Here is a pic of my friend and I dolled up for yesterdays shopping spree. I am on the right my friend on the left. We are both wearing our 'furs'. They have little eyes and their mouths grap onto their tails to hold them on. I think I look a bit like a grandma here. I will get better pics in outifts, I promise. I am lucky to have a few friends who love vintage and promise to 'dress accordingly' when shopping with me and visiting. We even ate our lunch at this wonderful authentic 1950s diner and I had a malted and bread pudding for dessert.

Speaking of clothes, here is a pic of my underpinnings. This little deadly I wiggle into everymorning so far and fasten my stockings onto the garters. The first
picture is of my crinolin over it, of course I chose to take a pic of it on my bedroom rug, as opposed to myself!

Well, there are some pics to get this blog started properly. I am going to 'decorate' the page of my blog sometime this week, but I do not want to spend too much time on the computer in one day.
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