Monday, September 14, 2015

Walking and Garden Supper

We did a5 mile walk today. With the cooler weather we were able to add the forest loop back into our walk. On our return I grilled steak tips and made a salad from the garden. Today's garden haul including another wonderful sweet peach from my tree in the greenhouse. I'm going to make a fruit house next Spring and grow all my fruit in a greenhouse as the yield and lack of bad bugs is amazing.

The Peoples Choice with Jackie Cooper and Cleo, the Basset.

"The Peoples Choice" was a show from 1955 staring Jackie Cooper and an adorable Basset, "Cleo". Why not?
The Peoples Choice with Jackie Cooper (1 of 3)

Food and Shoes prices then and now.

Food ad from 1955, September. If you adjust for inflation $1 in 1955 is worth $8.90 today. So a sale price for women's shoes at $3.49 means they are $31.08. No wonder one had good shoes and work shoes and not a closet full of shoes. But the minimum wage in 1955 was $1.00 so that meant even the bagger at the grocery store was making the equivalent of $8.90 today.
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