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21 January 1933 “30’s Gal or 50’s Gal: A Time Traveler Confused and Open to Suggestions”

30swoman 50swoman

I am sorry that this post is going to be, sad to say, another response to a readers comment. Surely I am bad in not merely posting more 1930’s findings today, but I often consider thoughtfully what readers comment or write to me. I try, as best I can, to be both true to what I see my project being and also to consider my readers as well.

Here was the comment:

50s Gal,
I have followed and enjoyed your blog for the past couple of years and now I am wondering "what happened?" From the tone of our 1950s blog it seemed that you had embraced the 1950s lifestyle and mindset ans were living an authentic 1950s life. Was it all a game? Why have you suddenly changed decades in the way you live? I guess you want to stay current in the trendy way of switching lifestyles and tastes, but you really had me fooled into believing that you were truly a 1950s gal. I guess in our modern world we can just flip the channel and restructure our min and life to project whatever image we want. I was duped into thinking your blog was real.

No man (or woman) is an island until them self. Were I still to be in the 1950’s or had I truly been in the 1950’s I should have come from somewhere and that would have been the past. I would not have magically dropped down into a decade to stagnate and remain. I am also finding many things I did in the 1950’s to have been founded in the 1930’s and many housework things seem similar but simpler. And there is the rub or should I say the LURE. What made 1955 so wonderful for me at the end that I couldn’t leave? It was Simplifying one’s life.

Perhaps, being a modern person, I have merely ‘switched the channel’ who can say. It is possible to live outside of one’s time to an extent but again, I am not an island. I truly and honestly feel a responsibility to my readers and such notions do take me to heart. I should not like to seem disingenuous to anyone or to seem to be acting contrary to my words. I don’t like the “do as I say not as I do” form of dictatorship.

But, I also keep going back to what is expected of me. I must remember this is simply a blog documenting my own project for my own sake. I receive  no pay nor dictum from a higher source and do not, honestly, answer to anyone for my choices nor decisions. I have, of course, come to truly feel you the readers make it all worth the while and I love sharing with you. However, much work goes into that sharing and were it to become a place where I must constantly explain or try to appeal to you why I do this or that, it would begin to feel rather stressful. I know this is simply one commenter, but for all I know there may be many who feel this way.

One of the reasons I ran my poll was to see how you, my readers, felt and a vast majority were quite thrilled about my idea. And that idea, I thought, had validity within my 1955 project in that the same impetus that drove me to understand the 1950’s was there to help me consider the time before that. I am willing, however, to restructure my blog as may be helpful and beneficial for all. I could attempt to split my week between the 50’s and the 30’s but might be dizzy at the attempt.

My future plans with the Depression and the 1930’s was to really dig in deep to that time and I even considered an opportunity to move towards the late decade as the year ended and approach our UK sisters and their struggles in 1939 at the onset of WWII.

Therefore, today I shall post another poll up to the left for you to vote. I shall not, I promise, waste this year constantly addressing comments but in many ways such discourse helps me to look at and dissect my next move within the project and my life. Also, I feel the Forum, which I have even left decorated in 1950’s style, is very much mid-century still.

I can’t help, though, feel odd that my wish to study another decade somehow makes me unreal or fake? I also know one cannot please all the people. And, if such a person is truly unhappy, why would they not just click away, what purpose  for their hurtful remark?  Was it to merely be mean? I don’t know.

I feel people’s meanness or lashing out often is a camouflage for some deeper hurt. Therefore, rather than dismissing their action as ‘mean’ it makes me think: Did my previous blog provide to them some shelter or happy harbor from a sad life? Did they enjoy my little oasis so as better to live in their own unhappy world? And if so, have I , like perhaps the modern world has done to them, merely turned my back on them? I should hate to think myself a brute in that way. Perhaps, in my decision, I am merely being a modern gad about flitting from one thing to the next? I certainly am always willing to look at my own faults when others point them out. We are, unfortunately, always the last to see them. And I could very well be making a mistake or being callous, I don’t know. It is food for thought.

I should like, in my life and these writings, to feel I am providing, not only for myself, but for my readers something. Rather it is an oasis, or even a platform to disagree but to better discuss their own life and choices. But, I should not like to seem to be disingenuous or hurtful or, as the commenter pointed out, not being ‘real’.

I cannot help but look at and dissect such comments and I hope those who have enjoyed my foray thus far into the 1930’s don’t fell I am not being fair to them by merely addressing such a comment. But, I truly would like to know how many of you feel. I honestly was rather excited about my year in the 1930’s figuring, most likely, to return to the 1950’s at year’s end. But, if I have somehow failed you all in my further time travel, I am elastic and can restructure my ways. We are only a few weeks in.

Or, as considered, be a sort of Time-Traveling commuter, taking my train mid-week on a journey betwixt the 1950’s and 1930’s: addressing 1958 and the Depression. I shall let you help me to decide. Therefore the poll is in the upper right and I will appreciate your comments and polling. Thank you all for being a part of my lovely project so far.

Happy Homemaking.

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