Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! 1955!

Well, here I am, January 1 1955. Well, at least that is what I am going to tell myself.

I am not sure if it is a good idea to choose a particular year. In fact, I may find I need to use things up to 1959, merely due to the quanity of items I can find. But, for all intents and purposes it is 1955. I think by trying to ground myself into that year, it will allow me to have a sort of solid framework to each day. I can read magazines up to that time and anything from that year I can imagine they are now just happening, the news if u will.

I see from some research that this month in 1955 will result some of the following: Scrabble will be introduced this month. We will see our president, Eisenhower, for the first time televised. Russia will end it's 'state of war' with Germany. The submarine Nautilus will begin its first nuclea- powered voyage. The "Ballad of Davy Crockett" becomes the number one hit in march. Churchill resigns as British Prime Minister to be replaced by ANthony Eden. Ray Kroc starts McDOnald's chain this year in Illinois in April. In May Micky Mantel will hit three consecutive home runs. The list goes on. Perhaps with this research I can mention what is of 'note' for a day that I am blogging to coincide with 1955. IF that would be of interest to anyone?

I also have a quandry. I, obviously have to use the computer to blog, but am wondering if I might not be wiser to have my husband type it in for me. Oh, yes, someone asked if my husband was on board, and yes he is. He is quite supportive in all things. He currently works while I stay home, so that will be the same. I will be preparing ALL meals and doing all laundry and housework, unless he wants to pitch in, but honestly I am going to probably only have him help occasionally with drying dishes. I often saw this done on 'leave it to beaver', not that that is a very accurate portrayal of the 1950's, but in my magazines I have also seen that a husband would have helped to be nice. Many men were around the home more in the 1950's. Another cultural phenomena. I am going to watch any relevant 'tv' on a dvd player on our small tv. I have burned copies and also bought copies of various shows. I have also burned copies of old commercials from tv, as I think the advertising of the time was rather important. It was really the beginning of such propaganda that still exists into today.

I want to share photos as well, but not sure how much I should do that. I do realize it will be more interesting with such things, so I think I will again, defer to my husband. He can take a photo of anything I want and then insert it into the blog for me. I will type up my blogs on an old 1950's manual. I have an electric typewriter as well, but I am not sure if it is from 59 or not, so I will stick with the manual. That will help with the technology part of it. I think not being able to browse online will affect me more than tv, which I rarely watch. As far as magazines, I will keep with the mags I have at present and my husband has said he will buy more for me on ebay as I need. (He is a sweetheart if u haven't guessed.)

All my cooking will be done with old appliances. I think my next blog will be pix of the various appliances I will be using. I am torn on my dishwasher. I think I will leave off for now, tho I know that dishwashers were available, and then I think mid-year enjoy the novelty of having one. It would be as if my husband has surprised me with the new appliance and I will appreciate in a way that a 1950
s wife would have. Let me see, Oh, I even have a vintage iron, and tho I NEVER iron now, it will become part of my routine.

My clothes will also be as vintage as I can afford. Mostly new things made with vintage patterns, tho I can sew new thigs with these patterns as the year progresses, as sewing was an affordable source for a middle class housewife. No Old Navy to pop down to with 10 dollar skirts for me!

Wow, this seems all over the place. I should enjoy this as this is the (hopefully) only post I will be doing on the computer.

Oh, yes, I also do not want to feel that I am alone in an unpeopled world of 1955, so I have a couple friends who are into the 1950s. We have been wanting to have 50's nights for awhile and now they have promised me to TRY to do one night a week that is 1950's. We will gather, dressed appropriately (of course I would be anyway) and play bridge or any board games relevant, listen to old records, drink (of course) etc. This will allow me to still feel relevant as an indivual.

Well, I seem to be all over with this blog, do let me know if u would like me to try or to explain any paritcular aspect of this project. I am off to plan my weeks menu and have my husband take some photos of my 1950's appliances.

Happy new year, Tomorrow is the first night of the 'new' Bob cummings show. I will let you know what I think of this new television program.

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