Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 Spet 1955 "Camping out amongst the Boxes"

Though we are not roughing quite as much as these happy 1950's campers, we are roughing it. We have managed to set up my computer in the corner of the little cottage and two beds fill the small living room. Myself, hubby, the two dogs, two fish and Gussie are sharing this one room with a narrow path between boxes to the little cottage kitchen. The one bedroom is filled with boxes of items awaiting their freedom.

We managed, last night, to sweep off the little porch (my last tenent here had dogs and the smell was horrid) and arrange some furniture and throw together a small dinner and a fire in the metal firepit. It was still an exhausting day. Four days left until the tenents are out of the main house and we and all our 'things' can be liberated. Even my last four chickens (those that did not get sold, I couldn't give up fresh eggs come fall!) are huddled in their antique wooden chicken crate/carrier awaiting my throwing together a sort of 'chicken playpen' for them to scratch and enjoy some grass until their new home can be built. It is all an adventure for sure.

Today I am off with the dogs to my mother in laws house here for a nice hot shower, and room to stretch and swim (she lives on the water). Then it is back to work here. I will attempt tomorrow to try a good old fashioned post. These are the days that SPAM were made for, right? Though, Gussie did just scour and clean out the little cottage kitchen here (our previous nights attempts at dinner resulted in the little cottage filling with smoke and our running out cursing then laughing at our folly), but perhaps a dinner in a skillet over the fire might be fun tonight, we shall see.

Maybe some fun stories from you about various camping or rustic cottage adventures. Often when one is so stripped of the usual 'convienances' we begin to see the very basic things we really need and enjoy and what is just pretense or more work. Let's find out, share away:

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