Tuesday, September 15, 2015

An answer to a Follower's Question

I thought to return here in January of this year, but still was not ready. The road I was lead down when I innocently delved into American life in 1955 in comparison to today lead me to some realizations that did not sit well with me. I have since learned a sort of 'zen' approach to life and let it all be as it is. I can affect change in my own small sphere of life, but the rest I let go and let be. This was the question on my post in January of this year, 2015, when I posted my studio in my house.


Glad to see you back on the blog, so to speak. Question though: One has to wonder why you have a studio. Are you gainfully employed now? Are you going to blog now as an "artist?" Are you still pretending in the 1950s lifestyle? Just trying to clarify. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog when you posted your dress up life in the 1950s. Though you then got too political and the game seemed to end. What are your plans next? Since you had not posted for awhile I thought that you gave up the game & went back to reality. But now with this past post I am not so sure ...
Please post and let us in on your latest role.

Jemima G."

And this is my response for any who are still about and curious: 

I have a studio because I am an artist. My hubby and I have always had a separate space all our own, his is the "office" or "study" and mine is the "studio". This has always been the case with us. Even when I did my 1950's project I wrote and researched from my studio/office. They are in our house of course, but a separate space to retreat to with your thoughts and daydreams is very important in a good relationship and in life in general. I did get "political" as you say, but it happened as I began to uncover how life truly was and how different things were with taxes, wages, costs of goods and production in our own country. It made me upset to see how far we had gone down a sad road for the middle class. But, my time away from the posting and the blog has lead me to realize that I honestly don't think we can effect a change and I don't want to argue with people. So, I am considering a sort of return here where I will post happy things. We now live in a house by the sea and I garden and paint and enjoy nature and cooking and life in general so my posts will return to more of that. Some will be vintage some will simply be what I am enjoying or thinking that day. Whether anyone will be interested, I am not sure. But, I wasn't sure when I started back in 1955 either, so it goes one way or another. Thank you for your comment and sorry I am only responding now in Sept when you posted in February, but as I said, I was still really getting back to myself and realizations since leaving the blog. 

I thought the question and my response a good sort of 'heads up' to how I will now use my blog. Thank you again for any who have waited around I truly appreciate it. And the new approach may not be to your liking but that is all our prerogative to enjoy and seek out that which we feel akin to and if it is not for us to move on to better things. My best to all. 

-50s gal

Small Kitchen, plenty of Utility.

All the storage and utility you need in a nice small space. This early 50's kitchen is very smart indeed. I have that ice box in my 6A house kitchen too.
The Step Saving Kitchen - from menu planning to space for cookie making - how to plan an efficient kitchen design for cooking and family meals. 1950s
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