Thursday, January 7, 2010

7 January 1956 “The Call of the Modern World”

I decided to answer this question from ZEBU as a blog post.

“So, as this first week of the new year comes to a close, do you find yourself at all chomping at the bit to do things that you didn’t allow yourself in 1955?” 

I thought this a very good question as now I am ‘allowed’ more modern things. I have to say, though, so far this has been more 1956 than 2010. But, there have been a few modern things done.

For starters, last night  we were having a dinner party and my guests were running late. I had scheduled the roast to come out and 'set' for it's 15 minute carving window and it took longer because they are in from out of town and they have a 2 year old child.

So, after they arrived, things had chilled a bit and I popped it all back in the oven, but I didn't want to overcook my lovely rare roast, so I took the pan drippings, poured them into a little jug and then, slowly turned to the 'silver beast' atop my icebox. THE MICROWAVE. I had just considered getting rid of it for good the other day and there it was, just taunting me, "Come on, I can toast up that jus in seconds, your guest are waiting, your roast is cooling" so, I gave in. Do I feel 'bad' or as if I 'cheated'. Not really. I KNOW a 50’s housewife would have a micro had they been around (well they were invented in 55 but were equal to about 10,000 dollars in today's money)

I have tried, on several occasions now, to watch TV. Not to sit and enjoy it, but to get 'fodder' for blogs. But, I find myself SO disgusted that I said to hubby, "I can't even watch it long enough to get enough info to blog about" he just shrugs and goes back to his books or piano (he couldn't care if the TV were gone for good).

I was appalled by some show about teen mothers, but couldn't watch it long enough to get info to blog about, I tried the 'news' which is a joke about what famous person slept with whomever. There is so much actual news and unrest going on in the middle east and they are talking about tiger woods and his bed sport, as if it could matter . Then it will be followed by a commercial  for a car or ice-cream and it will be so overtly sexual. How can they NOT see the mixed message? They take a sort of 'moral high ground' attitude to judge the 'famous' people, as if it mattered in the big picture, and then their sponsors overtly use sex to sell you products or tell you how fat or out of shape you are. So,  that was definitely an "I like 1955 more" moment.

I also, at my friends birthday party, joined in on their 'rock band' game. I just enjoyed it like a parlor game where, of course, you don't really talk to one another as you have to focus on the task at hand. But, it was fine and okay for when I am 'socializing' with her. I am sort of ambiguous about it. It is a fun game for a little while as long as we can shut it off and talk, play cards, that sort of thing. I think in 1955 they would have liked any ‘new’ thing, but I think the amount of time they would have spent on the leisure time would be much less than we do today. I think they would have had fun but in the context of a life in which you also socialize, raise a family, etc. Today we seem to live ONLY to be amused and passively so, so in that light I like 1955 more.

I still dress 'normal' for me which is vintage head to toe. Obviously I use the computer. Though, now with the website, I am still really using it as a typewriter, thesaurus, photo research tool. I have not had time to visit any of your wonderful blogs and I hope for now you will forgive me that, but when I am at the computer it is fun but it is work and then I need to care for my home, cook meals etc.

For the most part, I am not consciously trying to do anything 'modern' per se. I think I have just become so accustomed to the 'new normal' that it is just second nature. Which proves, of course, that we can change our perception of our lives and the way we live it.

I might try some modern books, but have not as yet. In fact I am now reading my 1885 copy of 'life in the garden' which is a wonderful book, as I am getting ready to start dreaming and planning out my new gardens for spring.

There is something I missed and will most likely enjoy again: period films. Though they depict the 19th century (such as pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility etc the BBC versions not those wretched 'Hollywood' versions that they film for a two hour movie) I think I might like to watch the Pallisers again, which I own. But, again, it will be a snippet here and there, as I am so busy and really love my busy work that I don’t always need a break from it, which I love. And now I am trying to draw a little each day and now starting to plan my garden for Spring that I am finding so much of my life is taken up with enjoyable living that passive entertainment seems the last thing on my mind. I would most likely feel fidgety and anxious as if I could be doing something better and more fun.

So, I hope that answers the question. As I have decided, this will be mainly a 1956 year, but I do want to keep finding and incorporating ways to enliven the present with the past and to pass it on to you so you may do the same. The Apron Revolution must happen in 2010, as I cannot fit ALL of you in my Time Machine!

I have included my next drawing challenge, which again is another cartoon. I feel a theme coming on. (you can click on it to enlarge it.)


Also I have a question: does anyone know how to make a button (well I can make and design it in Photoshop) but I need a way to link a button I design so that I can place it here and you can click it to go to the website and also one that I could offer on here and the website for any of you to place on your blog to bring others to our great community. If anyone can help me that would be great!

Until tomorrow then (unless my internet is out for few days) Keep those aprons tied and those faces smiling.

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