Thursday, September 16, 2010

16 September 1956 “Fever and Rock N Roll’s Innocent Beginning”

Many may know the song Fever. It has been done again and again by various artists, even Madonna has had a go at it. The most memorable and often associated version of the song was Peggy Lee’s version. This, however, will not appear until 1958.
This year, ‘56, however Fever will belong to Little Willie John.
This  version is quite good. It has such a different sound and esthetic than the version we might be used to. That is due to Miss Lee’s wonderful rendition, which even included some additional lyrics. She gave the song it’s more ‘exotic chanteuse’ sound, I believe. Here is her version, two years from now:
Here is another Little Willie John song from this year.
This year and this decade has many changes in music. Genres are springing up left and right. And this year Elvis is becoming the Elvis we will begin to know. And a movie, “Rock Around The Clock” from this year will introduce teens to Bill Haley and his Comets and the popularization of what the young kids are beginning to call Rock and Roll.
This clip from that film features Bill Haley and two older men have to wonder, what is that music. “It isn’t boogie, it isn’t jive, and it isn’t swing. It’s sort of all three”. It is rather endearing to see the ‘new music’ of ‘crazy teens’ is really just some fun music and good dancing, the ‘sex drugs n rock n roll’ world is a good decade away. And, frankly, they can keep it.
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