Monday, November 8, 2010

8 November 1956 “Morality Article Two”

moralcartoon Here is the remainder of the morality article. I must say I don’t agree with all it says. I find that we must, I assume, adjust our morality as time moves forward. It, like society, seems an elastic being to take the form of the time.
I love much of the ‘old days’ for the freedom of knowledge for the homemaker, the skill the average person elicited, as well as the amount of time one had towards things other than entertainment. I think there is much there to learn and to gain control over our own thoughts and decisions. I do not, however, think that on average individuals were freer. I think what is good about being aware of our past is to take and learn the good and be glad to have got rid of the bad. I don’t want a strict moral code that seems to force its view upon others, but what I want is for individuals to feel their self worth enough to know that though sex is a part of life, there is much more. That while fashion is fun, it does not have to be overtly sexualized. In fact, the more one has to work with the more exciting and greater style allowed to women.
I am not in favor of forcing any set value system on the world, for who should decide this system? But, I want personal awareness and self-worth to lead those who have a choice to make those choices for their betterment and happiness. Not just to be ‘with the crowd’ or ‘like the people on the tv/computer/movie screen’. I suppose, then, that I want the impossible.
So, here is the rest of the article, take it as it is meant to be: an article written over 50 years ago. I have found that to try and force or coerce someone to do as you are told is the fastest way to have them do it. I have come to find that to lead by example and to teach by action rather than words is the best way for anyone from parent, teacher, to statesmen and government.
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