Sunday, May 31, 2009

31 May 1955 "misunderstanding"

I think perhaps I have been misunderstood because I wrote while I was frustrated with my tenants. I certainly am worried about budgets, but not to the point that I need to get a job. I was merely looking to think, perhaps in the future I will think about things I can do to make pin money.
One commenter mentioned sitting down with my budget and I have to say that one of the main points of this year has been just that. I have my budget down to the penny for groceries, we almost never eat out anymore, gas is at a minimum (especially since hubby now works locally) and I buy no new clothes (either make or buy very cheap ebay or second hand shops).
So, I am sorry to have made it seem I am as desperate as I must have. I have been really evaluting the next step of this project and I should know better than to just type away in frustration. At the end of June it will be my half way mark in this project and I think I am merely moving to the next phase of what that will entail.
Thank you so much for all of you suggestions and if I do take any of them up, I will share their results with you, of course.
Now, back to my post for tomorrow. I plan to have a proper post up tomorrow and to get back to my regular posting schedule. Thank you for being patient with me while I deal with the land-owning unrest of this past week.
Until tomorrow, then.
Happy Homemaking.
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