Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ready for the new year

I have to come realize this blog I registered actually had belonged to someone else. I was also surprised to see that she was going to do the same thing I am going to do starting jan 1, that is live a year as a 1950's housewife.
I hope any who find me will stick around, as I see, poor thing, it kind of got to her after a while. I hope I can handle it, but we shall see. I really like her blog and hope I can make one as intersting for any of you who want to follow me along on my project.
It is a very busy time right now and I have to enjoy my 21st. century a little more. As, come Jan 1 it will be 1955. At least, I think that is a good time to start and then allow myself any new things to come up until 1960 as the year progresses. We shall see.
I hope u come back and check it out.
Thanks and merry christmas!
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