Thursday, December 16, 2010

16 December 1956 "1956 is slipping away"

This month seems to be slipping away from me, as does 1956. How is it that this is the end of the second year of what was a project and is now a life?

I have been so busy this past week. We had our cocktail party last night and the day before I was busy making and preparing for the day. It was a hit and we all had such fun. Now, here we are one week away from Christmas.

I have been rather bad at my daily posts and again, the site has been waiting for me. I have new plans for it but have not uploaded anything new as I am waiting, almost on myself, for concrete decisions for 1957.

I shall share photos of the party and other things later, but I rather think I need the rest of today to clean up and unwind. I had a guest who stayed over from the party and we had a lovely time gabbing away until a few minutes ago. I shall clean up, prepare for this evenings meal and take some time to wrap some gifts and finish up stitches on a homemade gift.

I hope all are enjoying the days leading up to this big holiday and are having fun making gifts or enjoying a reasonable  shopping. I would like to think more people are wisely spending less this holiday season, but I heard shopping is up from last year. I suppose we have short term memory when it comes to recalling the 'big crash' of a few years ago.

Until later then, Happy Homemaking and Happy Christmas Prep time.
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