Monday, February 14, 2011

14 February 1957 “Valentine’s Day and 1950’s PINK PINK PINK!”

valentinespunch Today is Valentine’s day. As we still have sometime before this evenings romantic celebrations, i thought I would share some cute 50’s recipes for the occasion.

Here we see the valentine cake recipe  with some lovely punch to accompany it. If you have friends who are without partners, why not throw a Valentine’s day party and see who ‘ends up together’ at the end. Or just to let those singles feel a part of the fun!

valentineheartcakeHere is a recipe for 7 minute frosting I have shared before. Always a good ‘go-to’ frosting. 7minute frostening

valentinepunchI believe the ‘cherry instant soft drink mix’ in this recipe is Kool-Aid. You could easily use cranberry juice, but it might be fun just once to see what the authentic recipe tasted like. 

feb57valentinepage This Page is from one of my 1957 February magazines, so it is right on point for me. I have begun to notice as the magazines get closer to the end of the decade ‘recipes’ are increasingly calling for the homemaker to ‘use a cake mix, use a frosting mix’. But, now who doesn’t love colored coconut?

valentinespajamas Pajama’s for the whole family?valentinesday50s A night in alone?

Now, many of us do associate the color Pink with Valentines day. And certainly Pink is VERY 1950’s. So, for the fun of the day, here are some examples of how deep Pink is embedded in our lives here in 1950’s America:

57pontiacpinkOf course the latest cars still proudly wear the color. Probably since 1955, Pink is becoming one of the base 4 colors cars are often painted. White, Blue, Yellow, and Pink are the ‘norm’ for autos here. pinkTPadA lovely homemaker’s Pink day does not need to end with her lovely pink peignor, but can extend to her well appointed Pink bathroom with matching Pink Toilet Paper.  luxsoapad Even the soap may match or compliment the bath. This Lux ad says it all for the color palette of the 1950’s. Shell Pink, Soft Green, Buttercup Yellow, and Robins Egg Blue. You can’t go wrong with any of these for a 1950’s mid-century interior and they really compliment one another as well.

pinkkitchen2 Here is a wonderful Pink kitchen. What I love about this space it is not all matchy-matchy as much as one may think. For example the ovens are stainless steel as the counters (yes they used stainless in the 50’s too!) Yet, the icebox is pink. So, if you want to recreate a vintage kitchen you won’t feel the need to get all appliances the same color. In fact a pink oven, blue icebox and yellow stove could set the tone for the kitchen and those colors could be repeated in floor and cabinetry.

The cabinet bases are painted pink to match walls and doors, but the doors of the cabinets are painted 1950’s favorite pairing with Pink, Grey! This ties in the cool tones of the stainless steel. And I love that a secondary Pink/fuchsia is introduced in the backsplash and YES another Salmon pink is brought in on the floor. I love the idea of the classic checkerboard being in Pink and Grey and by doubling up the classic one foot squares the impact is greater in this space.

I also love 50’s blue and you can see how that is an acceptable complimentary color here, in the pots and pans. Lovely.pinkkitchen Here, the same kitchen is broken down. you can see how the black decorative painting around the window stands in place of curtains and is repeated in the piping on the dining chairs. The grey chair trimmed in crisp black gives it such a dignified clean look. Overall, Pink done very 50’s and very well, I think. Who wouldn’t smile while whiling away the hours in this room?

You will also notice that the TV is here to stay by 1957. Its place in the kitchen is beginning to happen.


pinkhouse And, yes, Pink even coats the exterior of some of our homes. This look of deep burgundy/brown with the soft pink is such a fresh color. It doesn’t appear tacky at all and has an almost Italian/Mediterranean feel to it.

So, have a lovely Valentines day and remember, Think Pink! and Happy Homemaking.

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