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29 June 1957 "In The Vegetable Garden"

 Many families in the 1950’s still recalled the War years “Victory Garden”. While some were more than happy to let their veg plots turn into lawns and flower beds many still desired to grow their own. Even the  new and many postage stamp lawns in Levittown-type neighborhoods didn’t make room for veg garden, most likely pots of tomatoes and herbs shared the patio or window boxes.
Today, many people are returning to ‘growing their own’. Rather or not you have acreage or an apartment, there is always room for a tomato, herbs, even a large clay pot on a balcony with string or garden twine can support a good crop of snow/snap peas, or green beans. Make room for some veg and you will be rewarded with wonderful inexpensive fresh food this summer.
Here is some of the progress in my own little veg plot. I did not plant many things this year, as we currently have our home for sale, but I could not have a summer without tomatoes. 

Here are some little Sun Gold cherry tomatoes. We have already had some of these little darlings, as they ripen quickly, being a cherry size tomato. They are as sweet as candy with a hard finish (not too mushy).

 Most of my other tomatoes are still small and green. They are pretty, none the less, and of course even the foliage of the tomato has that lovely scent with which we are all so familiar. Brushing by them in the garden sends a heavenly aroma into the air, ahhhh summer gardens.
Here we can see one of my squash already forming nicely, with the hint of the remaining flower bud from which it forms atop it like a jaunty summer garden party hat. The color is a lovely greenish yellow that would be a great shade to paint kitchen trim, especially in a green and yellow 1930’s kitchen with Jadite dishes.

 I love happy little accidents like this. This is some of my corn. Somehow a squash seed made its way into this row and is living happily along with the corn. I don’t want to disturb it and am excited to see if it climbs the corn stalk as the corn grows and if they can live in harmony.

The colors of Swiss chard are always amazing. They have lovely yellow, orange, and of course this bright almost magenta pink/red. They are beautiful to look at and wonderful to eat.
 My gooseberry bushes live in my veg plot and are coming along nicely. I love the change from the chartreuse green to the varying shades of pink/red. Here is looks as if they have been spray painted, but that is the way the color forms to eventually this shade.

I thought I would share this helpful plot layout with yields for a family of four. One could figure out with these calculations for any size family, including a family of one. They are from my 50’s Better Homes and Gardens Garden Book. They are a good reference and could be printed and kept with your gardening folder/journal/plans. Enjoy!

Well, we American’s have a big Holiday week approaching, July 4th our day of Independence. I am sure many of us are looking forward to slices of watermelon, potato salad and fresh veg, ears of corn and Barbeque.

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Happy Homemaking and Happy Gardening.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28 June 1957 “Pal Joey & Modern Movies”

paljoeyposter I thought I’d use a film that is released this year, 1957, to give an example of 1950’s version of sexy. The film, Pal Joey, is loosely based upon the Broadway Musical. Here is a bit about the movie:

Considered by many critics as the definitive Frank Sinatra vehicle, Sinatra won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his role as the wise-cracking, hard-bitten Joey Evans. As to be expected the musical arrangements are particularly fine, with some near-perfect Nelson Riddle charts for the Rodgers and Hart standards "The Lady is a Tramp", "I Didn't Know What Time It Was," "I Could Write a Book" and "There's A Small Hotel."

Pal Joey is also one of Frank Sinatra's few post-From Here to Eternity movies in which he did not receive top-billing, Sinatra deciding himself to allow Rita Hayworth this honor stating, with regards to being billed "between" Hayworth and Novak, "That's a sandwich I don't mind being stuck in the middle of."

paljoeybook This film and the Broadway musical were based upon the epistolary novel (that is a novel written in the form of documents, such as letters, diary entries and so on-I often enjoy novels written that way) written by John O’Hara. It is written as if a series of short stories and/or letters to the New Yorker in the 1930’s. The style of the main character is perfect for Sinatra, I think. Here is an example of the type of jargon and misspelling  the character uses in his letters:

Dear Friend Ted

That is if I can call you friend after the last two weeks for it is a hard thing to do considering. I do not know if you realize what has happen to me oweing to your lack of consideraton. Maybe it is not lack of consideraton. Maybe it is on purpose. Well if it is on purpose all I have to say is maybe you are the one that will be the loser and not me as I was going to do certan things for you but now it does not look like I will be able to do them....

The movie’s trailer even has a quick primer of the type of words Sinatra’s character will be using; his ‘joey-isms’.

There are some of my favorite numbers in this film from Rogers and Hart: Lady is a Tramp, Small Hotel, My Funny Valentine and so on.  It is interesting to note that the trailer is simply a heartfelt presentation by Sinatra of the films quality. And it has that in spades, wonderful songs and great performances. There is no need for Dolby sound pounding and shaking the walls, quick cuts and flashes of noise and one liners to draw you in. This film is good, well written and two hours of wonderful musical numbers, wouldn’t it be a novel idea to make such a movie today?

Now, concerning this film it has it’s adult content in the sexy sirens of Novak and Hayworth. There is a nightclub, a womanizer, bathtub scenes and so on. Yet, all of this is done so wonderfully well, it is a joy to watch. There is not need for overt sexiness. I am not a prude, but I also enjoy a film because it entertains and celebrates talent, not just masquerades as soft porn. In fact, one of my favorite numbers and moments from this film is when Rita Hayworth sings Zip. The basis of this song is a ‘stripper’, racy right? Wrong, the verbiage and well written styling of Rogers and Hart packs so much information in a song about a stripper who is an intellectual, it is almost more knowledge than a modern day public school classroom. Today’s pop music is often so simple a 16 year old could have written it in their diary, with easy rhyme scheme and always the same theme: I got him, he got me, I will get him, I will get him and he will know about it, he won’t treat me that way, all basically the same idea. This song has layers.

Again, I am not a prude. Nor do I want to be that person who says, ‘it was better back then’. But, I do want quality over quantity. It is very apparent that many of today’s movies (I will not use the word ‘film’) often seem to be mass produced and written by a commitee in a board room with a checklist of points to hit: 1) sex 2)easy plot points 3)montage in the middle 4)predictable resolution 5)enough ‘in your face’ talk/action/implication to make it appear new and daring. cut and print, sell it and mass produced T-shrits, dolls everything to accompany it and get it done fast for the next thing to come.

I think a perfect example of the type of movie that is sort of disappointing to me today is a trailer I saw for a movie called Bad Teacher. Maybe the movie will be good and funny, I don’t know but the trailer I saw had implications of Middle School boys with bra’s and sexy attitudes from 30+ teacher.

I would include a clip or trailer but I don’t want to promote or have to force anyone else to watch it. I get it. This movie is meant to use humor in an ironic in your face way, but come on. This could have been written in one week, and probably was. Simply take some stars, throw in some odd TV characters, drop the ‘F=bomb’ and give the ‘teacher’ attitude. Oh, how cutting edge, she swears, smokes pot, strips, gets involved in a sexy car wash. It isn’t even a matter of prudish as it is simply almost insulting to one’s intelligence.

Pal Joey is a Hollywood romp of joy with music, it isn’t an Ibsen play, but it has so many more levels and so much more work is apparent in its make up that it continues to be enjoyable today. Will that be true for even half the movies pumped out everyday? And when you consider one gives up two hours of ones afternoon or evening and rather a lot of money to go to the movies today, why do we accept mass produced items? But, then again, why do we accept low quality cheap food full of chemicals, why do we accept ill made cheap clothes from China? Why do we do anything in the modern world, because its easy and because everyone else is doing it.

I did not mean for this simple talk of the film Pal Joey to turn into a rant, but sometimes a gal cannot stop herself. I find many areas of our modern world are touched by mass production and I really feel like my life is worth more and I would rather fill it with quality over quantity. I feel, however, I might be in the minority there.

I hope all have a lovely day and watch Pal Joey if you get the chance, even just for the wonderful music.

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Happy Homemaking!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

26 June 1957 “Children Playing ‘Grown Up’”

While viewing this 1962 Barbie commercial the other day it made me consider that childhood act of playing ‘grown up’. Let’s watch:

We can certainly find that the girls attitudes at the end when they squeal with delight that they want ALL of Barbie’s clothes shows this is a commercial. It’s intent is to get a child to want to buy ALL the products for Barbie. By 1962 Madison Avenue is going full tilt and knows its audience. Yet, the most important element that struck me with this commercial was the context of the situation. Let me explain.

The little girls are in their own dress up dresses yet adorned to play ‘grown up’ with Mother’s hat and jewels, gloves, handbags, and shoes. Their fantasy situation is their being grown up young ladies dressed in their best going to a beautifully appointed fashion house. This really got me thinking on that age old childhood game of playing grown up and it made me wonder, how do children play that today?

Many parents and children are very similiar today. Father and mother play video games much like son and daughter. Mother’s wardrobe is often more stolen from daughters closet than the other way round. T-shirts, fashion easy to wear jersey knit tops, jeans, jeans, and more jeans, Uggs or tennis shoes. The ‘mother’ or ‘adult’ is often trying to look younger and therefore dress younger.

I recalled this change even happening somewhat when I was younger. As I have mentioned before, I have older parents (their being in their 40’s when I was born). So, my mother was for all intents and purposes a 1950’s mother. That is to say, she began motherhood in the 1950’s with my older sisters. So, when I came along in the 70’s she still very much had that same ‘50’s lifestyle. I remember the joy of playing grown up in my Mother’s closet. There were always lovely high heeled shoes, and bags to match. She had all her gloves she had ever owned and coordinating scarves and fun jewelry. Hats, as well, were easily found and so it was a real adventure. While my contemporaries, whose parents were usually the age of my older sister, often did not have this at their disposal. Their mothers, having been teens in the 60’s and early 70’s, had a different idea of dressing. Their closets held very little ‘dress up clothes’. I remember that dress up clothes were usually things bought at the toy store and in awful bubble gum pink with feathers and sequins and made out of horrid materials. Plastic shoes with glittered acrylic slip on shoes. A product to buy and stash with all the other toys rather than something to aspire to.

This also got me thinking that despite where you lived or where you were on the social ladder, a young girl could play dress up in the 1950’s. You could be the daughter of a Farmer with very little money and  yet Mother most likely had some nice dresses for church and functions and she certainly had hats and gloves.

This aspiration to ‘dress up’ when we become adults has all but gone. The idea that when we go or do certain things we wear certain clothes is almost a comfort, I think. It takes away the fear of anticipation of ‘what should I wear’?

Even men’s current continual ‘comfort status’ is almost laziness. Why shouldn’t a man, when taking out a girl, wear a dinner jacket and take his hat off indoors? How much would the girl love that, really? They would feel special. It seems many of these traditions have simply made being lazy for men easier. We ladies can say, “Oh, its easier to throw on yoga pants and Uggs than a dress”, but you know you miss ‘dressing up’ for various things.

The idea of dressing a certain way when we are “grownups” is part of that transition from child to adult. It is something to aspire to. We see that when we are adults we must put away childish things and be responsible for what we do. But, that also looks like fun because we get to wear pretty things and go to lunch with our friends. Our home is a place to decorate and entertain in. Now, it seems, that the activities of an 8 year old are not that different from her mother. They both love being online, computer games, and surely dress and shop at the same place.

I am not saying this is entirely bad, but it does make one stop and consider: if there is no aspiration to adulthood, no step from child to adult, when do we grown up? And, if we aren’t expected to grow up how or why should we ever be responsible for our actions; how we live, work, spend or save our money, treat each other, the planet, our futures. I think, in a way, this type of ‘change’ in the  modern world is simply a tip of the iceberg of many of the changes that have come about that are not entirely innocent. Our need to be always comfortable (i.e. too lazy to dress any other way than easy clothes taken from piles on floors bought for pennies at big box stores) is also a symptom of a lazy mind and attitude. When children play grown up today, what do they mimic? Do they even make toy dishes any more, for most families eat separately in front of the TV, there is no mimicry involved, from cradle to grave we are lazily moving from TV to computer in and out of bed in easy to grab clothes piled in excessively spent piles.

In many ways, isn’t it odd that with the ease and low cost of clothing today we don’t dress nicer? It is easier today to have your ‘Sunday best’ than it was in 1957, yet we look worse. Surely some may say, “Worse is relative, it is simply style”. But, I am not sure that today’s ‘style’ IS style. I think it is far easier to mass produce similar products out of jersey t-shirt and to continually make jeans. Shorter styles don’t cost the consumer less than longer, but cost the retailer and the manufacturer less. A change of ‘styles’ today is simply the movement of a waistline, the change of a pleat and a new ironic saying on the t-shirt. Easy enough to make at the manufactures level. The fashion move of the late 1960’s may have been more a change in the reality of making more money than any real ‘social change’. Dresses cost more and were made with Less fabric and cut in an easier to sew style.

So, we have given up ‘style’ for the ease of MORE clothing at lower costs, yet we all really look the same. We could easily have 7 t shirts and 7 pair of jeans and that is all many of us would need.  But, is that what we do have? No, the closets are SO full, we have SO much stuff that stores exist simply to sell us things to organize all our stuff. There are shows about how to organize all our stuff.

In 1957 clothing was fairly expensive. You had ‘play clothes’ to keep  your school clothes and dress up clothes nicer longer. There was a definite transition from ‘going to school’ and ‘going out to play’. Even that attitude of dressing up for school puts in a child’s mind that they are to sit up, pay attention. Can you imagine Beaver or Wally worried about how cool they look, or what an ‘awesome’ slogan their t-shrit has? Not waiting to hang out at the mall to buy more ‘cool clothing’. We almost seem more obsessed with clothing today, yet it is all so bland and similar. And then those who wish to really just have a style usually have to buy into one of the accepted ‘on the edge’ styles such as Goth, Punk etc. Really, these people just want to dress up! But, how could they ever have played dress up when Mummies closet looks exactly like their own? There is not transition from childhood to adult, so in some ways the various cliques today are simply defined by ‘what you wear’ and what genre of popular music you listen to.

Now, I am not saying that we have to go to the grocery store in an evening gown. But, would it be so bad if we were expected to dress for certain things. Wouldn’t it be nice if that Saturday date with your guy or spouse was an event to dress up for. Even if it were dinner and the movies, one would dress. I find it interesting that today the cost of a movie is so exorbitant compared to the 1950’s that a 1950’s person would laugh at anyone trying to charge that for 2 hours of entertainment. Yet, it cost less but was still taken more seriously, one dressed up and then often went to dinner (of course you could afford it as the movie hadn’t just cost you a day’s pay.)

Our obsession with shopping could be accompanied by the joy of dressing up for the occasion, but shopping now is so much a normal part of everyday, that we slide out of bed and put on basically another version of our pajamas and head out the door to buy more. Again, I am not saying we all have to dress vintage or wear starched collars, but I think the less formal dress is in fact a symptom of a society that may be slightly ill.

I think we must also be aware that the laziness and ‘ease’ of modern dressing might also allow us to have such an attitude with how we think. When we are always striving for ease and less work, are we not making ourselves pay little attention to our own world. Do we not take less time to concern ourselves about civic matters? Do we not pay attention to this or that politician or this or that law being passed? As long as I have my jeans, my T and my video games, easy internet shopping, and big box stores, microwavable meals and chips and soda, I am happy. But, are we happy? Is this all there is? Shouldn’t we Want to strive to be a an adult?

Why aren’t we adults playing ‘Grown up’ any longer?

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24 June 1957 “Barbecue 1950’s Style”

newbarbecue If many of you are like me, you like to find and use vintage items. That is why I love to have a catalog of what was available so it is easier to identify items as I come across them or to know how to look them up to find them. As Summer is officially started, I thought I would share these fun Barbecue items with you. Happy hunting!barbecue6This electric smoker looks interesting and might be waiting for someone at a yard sale this summer or in Grandma’s back potting shed.

 barbecue8 I would love this darling plain grill. The handle makes it a dream to take with you on picnic or boat or beach.

barbecue7 The electric ‘bellows’ is a bit much, but does show the move to having every convenience available to you, especially if it was powered by electricity, once a rather trip source of power, though not so now.barbecue9 I think we have all seen these coffee urns, they were such a part of any social function from school, the club, church, you name it, it was there standing sentential with hot tea, coffee, cocoa. Here, however, it is a ‘new thing’.

Now, to go along with that fun new grill, some great vintage recipes. These are certainly relevant today and sound rather easy. Enjoy them.

barbecue2(again, I love the plaid grill, so stylish).

 barbecue3 barbecue4 barbecue5

Now, let’s close with Ward Cleaver’s take on ‘Women’s Place’ to son Wally. I think, however, we can see that at the time it was taken tongue in cheek and that though women were primarily at home, I don’t think Ward means anything degrading by it. And I love the punch line, with the asbestos gloves.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

23 June 1957 “1940’s Interiors”

I found a wonderful folder full of images from the Kirsch  Company in a box of family items. I believe it was my hubby’s Maternal Grandmother’s, as she went to College for Interior Design in the 1930’s. I believe, however, that these seem to be from the 1940s. I am guessing they are post war 1940’s by their design, but there is no date on the folder.

There are quite a few separate sheets, each containing two drawings with descriptions. You can imagine they are mostly focused on the drapery, as this is advertising material from the company, but the interiors are so lovely I just wanted to share some of them.

draperyinfo1 draperyinfo2 draperyinfo3 I think this feminine room is quite lovely and they are making use of Pink and Green. I like that the lightness of the pink floats on the ceiling, the soft green paper envelopes the room and a deep burgundy (a deep Pink really) grounds the space. I know a gal could feel pretty and lovely in a space like this at that vanity each day, don’t you think?draperyinfo4 This clean and modern kitchen shows that red and green (Complimentary colors on the color wheel) are not meant to be relegated only to the Christmas Season. As an aside, when they speak of ‘glass’ curtains they are referring to fiberglass. This material was the rage and the sheer ruffled curtains often seen in movies and interiors of the time where indeed this new material, needing no iron and lasting forever. draperyinfo5 The cheery cherry red on these counter tops are highlighted in the curtains and the wonderful geraniums on the window’s ledge.

draperyinfo6 I think this kitchen has such an interesting feature. Look under the sink ( a space which can become cluttered or poorly used) and see how airy it is. They have installed glass block to allow light through. That is what makes me think these images could actually be from the late 30’s as well as into the 1940’s. Particularly this last one has the look of a kitchen one might see in a Shirley Temple movie. draperyinfo7 I love a crisp white and a deep navy. It always looks as sharp and fresh as a summer’s day, evoking sailing and sharp beach umbrellas. I love the built in next to the sink, as well. I am always a sucker for a good shelf for display in the kitchen.

I thought I would close with these good tips on spaces in placing interiors. They are always good to keep in mind in your home, I think.

furnituredistance1 furnituredistance2 furnituredistance3 furnituredistance4 furnituredistance5 I hope these little tips help. I sometimes to refer to them when I rearrange things in the house.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21 June 1957 “Summer is a Comin In: Fashion”

Today is officially the first day of Summer. I can’t believe it is here already. Our weather, here in the North East, has also made for a rather long and wet Spring. I for one have rather enjoyed it, as it has been lovely to have cooler weather a bit longer. We often don’t get much Spring here on the Cape, as we find winter ending and Summer beginning almost overnight. Not this year, as the rain and cool temps have made for a wet Spring.

Now, however, Sumer is icumen in. I have always loved this song and it has always been humming about my head this time of year, so why not enjoy it before we peruse some lovely Summer fashions for 1957:

pucci1 These fun looks by Emilio Pucci are beginning to show the move towards more Pop and Graphic prints in fashion. Pucci will, as many of you know, be a forerunner in fabric style in the 1960’s.pucci57 His graphic looks for 1957 and what lies aheadpucci60s .

57summerfashion1 We can see here that the silhouette is still very 1950’s, yet we are beginning to see the skirt rise. The bottom right boxy look and more 20’s inspired hats are leading into the trend of the 1960’s. I really do love the looks from 1955-1964. This is the time period in which I believe I will continue to dress, as the variety is there as well as many classic looks. The ultra femininity of the 50’s and then the fun bolder and cleaner use of that same shape in the early 60’s. Once we hit the mini, the maxi dress and hot pants, I’m out. A nice A-line dress just above the knee can be very lovely, but a mini dress, with blousy sleeves and boots looks great if you are 16 and on everyone else, to me, it seems too young.

57pedalpusher Pedal pushers were the cool day craze in 1957. Here we see an everyday young lady enjoying them. They were a bit higher than a Capri, which were available and in the vernacular of the fashion of the time. There were also clam diggers which were a longer short, longer than a Bermuda. simplicitypattern In this pattern I would say the pair on the top right, though obviously meant to be pedal pushers as she is next to a bike, I would consider a clam digger, while a pedal pusher would be a bit longer and of course the Bermuda shorts on the bottom right. Perhaps clam diggers are just an East coast term. The bottom left would actually be considered a Capri at the time, as they were slim fit pant, but not as tight as a cigarette pant. Obviously the Bermuda and the Capri were both named for the vacation locale where they gained popularity and were meant to signify a ‘holiday’ spirit.

This summer, 1957, the Pedal Pusher would even inspire Karl Perkins in his hit “Pink Pedal Pushers”:

And we cannot talk of summer fashion without mentioning bathing costumes. 57bathingsuit This lovely little number is showing the graphic prints we are seeing more and more of as the decade ends. I love this models figure and wonder if they did a certain type of exercise to get the nipped in waist and full hips while still being quite skinny. Today’s thin models are just straight rails that look more like 10 year old boys.

Picture 002 I adore this suit and it would be so flattering on many figures. And you could easily tie a nice full wrap skirt around this, head to the store or afternoon party and look very put together. 57bathingsuits3 Here are some lovely ‘real’ ladies in 1957 enjoying the beach. Shorts, dresses, swimsuits and head scarves, all appropriate beach attire.

I haven’t spoken much lately about sewing. It is still happening, only I have been so busy with preparing the house for sale and all that entails, it has slowed somewhat. However, with Summer here and the inspiration of the graphic looks, I found some lovely fabric the other day.

newfabric Here it is. I am not sure why it will not photograph properly, but it is dark navy background (it is not black) with lovely pink and green graphics. You can see how the fabric has a border pattern, so I am going to make a dress with this fabric as the skirt and that pattern along the bottom. Then I bought some plain navy cotton to match and the top will be solid navy to match the background of this. I think it will feel fresh and cool and I shall share it with you when it is done.

I hope all of you are excited about the coming Summer, and my ‘down under’ followers, I suppose you are coming into Winter.

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Happy Homemaking!

Monday, June 20, 2011

20 June 1957 “Tomato Specials: Fun Ways to Cook that Wonderful Summer Staple”

womengardening Rather you get your tomatoes the old fashioned way, or are happy to fill your bag at the local market, Tomatoes are one of the staples of summer.

I always enjoy trying various Heirloom varieties and this year the Black Krim is happily growing in my little plot. I am also growing two other fun varieties: 1) Dr. Carolyndrcarolyntomato   which is a cherry size in bright yellow and is described as “It has an excellent balance of sugar, tartness and depth of flavor. The pale yellow, cherry-sized fruits are typically borne 6 to a cluster with fruits of uniform size measuring 1-1/4" x 1-1/4". The large vines are extremely vigorous, well branched, and provide excellent cover”

and 2) Anna’s Noirannasnoire described as “Also known as Black Pineapple, the skin has shades of green, purple, orange, and yellow. Bright green flesh has bursts of red streaks that will definitely add intrigue to your vegetable platter. The lip smacking flavor starts out sweet and ends with the perfect amount of tang. What's more, the sprawling indeterminate plant yields a tremendous amount of 1 1/2 pound fruits.”

If you want to try some tomatoes this year, I have a few fun varieties in the Corner Store HERE.

But, for today I thought I would share these lovely vintage tomato recipes fit for the summer. Some are even good for those vintage loving people who are also vegetarians. Enjoy:

tomatorecipe1This recipe would be lovely for a ladies luncheon or tea.

tomatorecipe2 Tomatoes and Bacon are a wonderful combination, but then again, what is improved with bacon?

tomatorecipe3 Though the suggestion here is to serve with cold meat (which would be lovely) a wonderful option would be to serve these on a roll as a tomato burger with all the trimmings!

 tomatorecipe4 Again, we have a lovely vintage vegetarian option.

I have been rather busy, as many of you know, preparing my home for sale, having yard sales to drastically downsize my possessions and planning for our future. Therefore I had set aside the daily vintage news for a bit. However, I do think it was fun to do and though I am not sure how many of you enjoyed it, I will be trying to do it daily. I will now have a link button there on the right, as opposed to having at the bottom of the blog. This will allow you to click and go straight to it. This also allows me more design freedom in this format. Have a lovely day and as always, Happy Homemaking!

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