Friday, August 27, 2010

27 August 1956 “Just some fun pictures”

We had a friend in today so I didn’t have a moment to post. She is moving back from Austen to Maryland and is from the Cape originally. I had fun and made dinner and enjoyed our company.
Here are some fun pictures, then, to make up a last minute post for today.
speigaldresses Here are some darling dressed from a Speigal catalog from 1956 summer. Aren’t their strappy shoes adorable and fresh.speigaldresses2 These are so adorable, I love both the drop but fitted waist of the blue number and the puff sleeves of the lilac frock.
Stewardess uniform modeled by Maryanne Kowaleski When I spoke of uniforms the other day, I can’t believe I forgot the stewardess. I am sure this outfit looks as if it might be hard to work in, yet women did. And it looks smart and does a great job to represent the class and style of the airlines. I also think it would be fun to go to work in something like this, I would feel proud. This is from August 1956.
womanwithbike I liked this photo because to me it just felt very ‘normal’ not vintage. Because to me this is just another day out on the bike. My bike, which is vintage, is similar to this only teal blue and I often ride in my dress and this summer I was often in transit from the shore and home with my dress and beach things on my trusty bike. This photo is from a jims army daze.
Well, I am off to bed. Until tomorrow, Happy Homemaking.
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