Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 January 1956 “Sewing Challenge”

I am glad you enjoyed my post on list/organizing. Organizing and therefore scheduling has become, since this past year, my life preserver. If my 2008 me met the now (1956) me I would probably be amazed at 'all that I do'. But, since I have come 'along for the ride' from 2008 to 1955 then 56, I am happy with my progress but not satisfied. That is to say, I am probably the most content and calm I have ever been in my life, but I feel like I need to always keep that little 'fire in my belly' to want to do more or improve on what I do. I will always find that one drawer that I might only open sometimes to be met with 'clutter' and think, "well, there is a rainy day project". But, I don't think nor would I ever want to think I am 'perfect'. In fact, to strive for perfection without the idea of ever reaching it might be a good overall life goal. I shan’t ever be there, but what a ride anyway! It gives one a road to travel but no fear. Onward!

Today it is a small post as today is my JANUARY DRESS CHALLENGE day. I promised myself one new homemade outfit a month, so today I am starting it.

I had originally planned a mélange’ of a dress pattern I have and a repro 1950’s bolero a friend made my into a dress, but have put that off. This one is challenging enough.

butterick pattern 6156 It is  Butterick  Pattern 6151 and it might be a dilly of a pickle, with the sleeves and collars and all. You can see it is an early 1950’s dress (the hint of shoulder pads from the 1940’s as you might see in early I Love Lucy) so I will, as I would have then, ‘update’ it to 1956.

June Vogue 56 Even though this is from June 56 Vogue, you get the idea that I could see similar lines and want to ‘replicate it’. I am using this blue print fabric I had bought this yardage in 1955 to use, but had set it aside. I think it will be nice for this pattern. I might make the cuffs and collar white, but not sure as of yet.

Well, off to work. Let me know if any of you are joining me for this month’s challenge and if you are you can comment here or I have started a Topic in the Forum on the website for discussion and to upload photos to share, so let’s get to it!

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