Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31 August 1956 “Steel Houses, Made Of Ticky Tacky”

I know this song is meant to be a sort stereotype of the middleclass, but in a way it sort of has a new meaning to me. Sometimes a little ‘same’ is nice and comforting. Sometimes all the ‘same’ is merely many people happy. But, I digress.
Sorry for such a late post today.  I thought I would share more photos. I just love photos like these. They come from a site about steel homes, (there are more pictures there). The site is interesting and apparently they made and still make all steel homes. I imagine the cleaning inside was easy, as it appears the walls and all are metal. It makes me think of these vintage metal doll houses,metaldollhouse metaldollhouse2 Here are the doll houses and here is this family’s real steel house: steelhouse I am not getting any kickback or anything for mentioning this company, but too bad, because as far as advertising goes, I’d be proud to be a ‘sponser’ for a wonderful old American company like this that still produces product and building in our country! They are called LUSTRON.56bdayparty How adorable are these girls at this birthday party? You can see the shiny metal walls.
BeatCLockGame1955Here a game of “Beat the Clock” is a night’s entertainment in their modern home.   Here is the gamebeattheclockgame which was based on a popular show of the time.
onthephone This photo just makes me smile. I love their modern dishes and metal cups. And I really love the little girl’s glasses. I also find it sweet how the phone was once used, especially when you compare it to 2010.cellphones1 Maybe I am an old fuddy duddy, but somehow this image makes me sad.
Anyway, it seems there are only a few thousand of these Lustron Steel homes still standing, which is sad as they seem like a rather good idea. I wonder if any of you have one in your town and not realize it. If any of you are interested  HERE is a site dedicated to preservation.
Until tomorrow, Happy Homemaking.
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