Saturday, January 3, 2009

yesterday, 2 january 1955, a president died

So, yesterday the second on January 1955, The president of Panama was killed. He was shot down by machine gun fire at a panama city race track.

It is interesting, this death, as two years ago (1953) he negotiated the panama canal treaty with our president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. This raised the annuity to panama form the us from $430,000. to $1.9 million. So, we see a communication with our countries resulting in an increase for them. It is a wonder who should do such a thing, and I cannot, tho it is not very american of me, wonder if it was not one of us? It was probably those filthy reds.

Today the movie "Panther Girl of the Kongo" was released. Never heard of it, but might like to see it, as my husband does love scifi. Though, I wonder, would this have been an adult film, or that type of film that the kids would have gone to on a saturday afternoon?

Breakfast was old fashioned oatmeal and toast (made at the table of course, the toast NOT the oatmeal). I wanted to make my own bread, but I think in 1955 sliced bread would have been appropriate. I think I may need to switch to white bread as well.

I will blog again later today with more info, as I have to go out soon. I am sitting with curlers in my hair in my robe and my gal pals will be here in half an hour to go antiquing. I need to squeeze into my girdle, fasten my stockings, brush out and pin/spray my hair, get my 'face on' etc. A gal has to look put together to go out. I am wondering how my shoes will fare with the snowy ice. I am determined to find an old pair of golashes that fit over high heels with little fur caps, as I have seen in the magazines. Thank goodness those treacherous spike heels that we have now were not really around until late 50s early 60s. At least us gals, firmly placed smack dap in the middle of this decade, have the sense to wear a thicker heel and a rounder toe, quite comfortable. Yesterday I noticed myself having better posture. Funny what heels a dress and stockings and a girdle can do for a gal.

Later today pics, I promise.

Also, question to anyone who cares: I wonder if I should 'spruce up' this page with images. I had thought to do so, but then thought maybe more spartan is better and it does leave me off the computer more, as I really don't want to be on here all the time, it's not very period. Let me know if u can if I should add a nice header, colors etc.

Off to put on my many layers of undergarments!
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