Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 April 1933 “Easter is on its Way”

30seastercard Hippity Hoppity Easter is on its way. And I am rather busy, painting fences, planting and gardening, and generally enjoying Spring. I am also working to continue to improve our property and house to show better as it is for sale. I haven’t talked much about our plans, if our house does sell. We actually don’t have definite plans and are really considering various options if and when it sells.

Here, then, is a quick post in the Easter Spirit.

easterimage I love this darling little sketch by Marjorie Flack from 1934. It is part of the book “Scamper” by Anna Roosevelt Dall. scamper Looking at these images have got me back into sketching myself. I put my children’s book idea on the back burner last year, but now here in 1930’s I am inspired in the styles to give it another go. I shall have to make time for this endeavor I feel.


This photo of Myrna Loy looks oddly modern. I find this often the case with 1930’s images thus far. Either it seems very easy to see a 1930’s person with finger waves, shawl topped dresses and manly fedora’s made feminine. But sometimes the images, much like this one, feels so modern. When the bob is not finger waved, a dress falls in simple modern lines and  boots that seem like they could be in any shoe store today, this could be a new photograph. Don’t you think?

germangirl30s Here a darling little German girl holds a Schultüte (school cone) also called a Zuckertüte (sugar bag). These were and still are given to young children on their first day of school. I am not sure why this young girl is receiving her zuckertute on Easter, unless it was a specific tradition in her area of Germany.

What makes me sad is to think of this little girls life vastly changed in five or six years when her country goes to war. I think of all the Germans who were not Nazi’s but were, none the less, trapped in their country. Many did not support the changes in their government nor their war-faring ways, but had no way to escape. When those in power and the governments make moves we, the people, do not support, it is sadly always we who suffer. It is our sons and daughters who have to go off to war. It is our homes and life that are vastly affected and changed. I wish we had more power as a people.

I am going to close with this darling little short home movie from the 1930’s around Easter time. Enjoy and  Happy Homemaking.

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