Friday, February 3, 2012

3 February 1933 “Bits N Pieces”

pgad Just a few little fun things today. First off another add from one of my 1933 magazines in which a young man’s shirt, here a button down collared version, is referred to as a blouse. Just of interest to me, as with all things that evolve through history, so does speech and words. I wonder when this died out. I have to say I never heard it spoke in any 1950’s TV I viewed in my 1950’s project nor saw it writ either.

sweaterI just thought this a lovely sweater/jumper and though I have no access to the pattern itself, rather thought it pretty. It would be easy, I should think, to find a modern version of this in any department store today, I bed. I also liked that it shows the model wearing her hair much as I am wearing mine now. I have still yet to master finger waves, but my standard pin curls give me the basic wave at the eye level that this model sports.

haircutpicThis photo, in one of my 1933 magazines as well, if of a lady who writes each month about various new books coming out. I found her hairstyle amazing. It, first off, still has rather a 20’s look, but at the same time it is so modern. If one were to see this today you might think, “Oh, what a fresh new look”. It is also rather similar to the 1960’s Sassoon looks made popular by Vidal Sassoon. twiggymia Seen here is a similar look on Twiggy and Mia Farrow getting such a cut by Vidal Sassoon himself.

   hubbardpicThis was in the letters to the editors section of one of my magazines. I loved that it shows how popular canning and preserving was then. This young homemaker is proud to say this is but a small sample of her put away stocks, much grown by her own hand. I also like her reference to ‘Quince-Apple Jell” as terminology. As the word blouse, this was a term oft used in 1930’s for Jelly (The American version, of course, meaning Jam made with juice therefore clear rather than with fruit like our jam). I faintly recall my grandmother (a homemaker in the 1930’s) often calling it Jell. I recall she had the best wild blueberry Jell, as she called it, around. And would often sneak a taste straight from the jam-pot with a spoon.

As I have begun to read more and more into this year already, I see I shall have to endeavor to keep a balance between the good and the bad. There is much that happens this year, and I was not really aware of that when I chose it. My reason was that 1955 had to ‘5’ so therefore 1933 (two “3’s”). However, there is some divine providence in this date, perhaps, as I see our own times continue to bubble and boil with various changes of hard times. This must be, as it was in the past, be countered with the daily grind of living and the need to smile and laugh as well as be serious. I shall endeavor to keep just such a balance going forward, for you as well as for myself.

Happy Homemaking.

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