Monday, February 13, 2017

13 February 2017 Back at it again. Day 2 of my 25 day art challenge

I had meant to post my daily artwork and makings here, but have not done so. I do post everyday on Facebook and Instagram, so it can be rather daunting to add yet another item to my list.

When I first began blogging years back for my 1950's years, blogging was "The Thing" and all the other things were only just beginning or had not yet been invented. We are meant to be so plugging in it can be rather much.

As the idea of adding long blog posts or contemplations on my day seems too much for me now, I believe I will simply post my daily artwork and items I am working on. This may sometimes have very little text, but I do feel the need to keep this page alive.

I hope all are having a good 2017 thus far.

I have started another challenge with my daily artwork. This time I am doing 25 days of Animals in Chairs. Yesterday was day one and I did a pug and a French bulldog in two vintage 1950's chairs. Today, day 2, I have done two cats. I hope you like them.

I have also been really into designing fabric, wallpaper, and wrapping paper. I am now findind, as today with my cat painting, that I am laying out and desiging a wallpaper for the painting. And then I took that which I designed and made it into a further version of fabric and wallpaper and wrapping paper. Here you see today's painting, with the cats.
And here is the fabric/wallpaper/wrapping paper pattern I made from my swallows on the yellow chalk background. I added flowers and lines. I rather like it. 
I think it would make a lovely dress. And in fact I put it on leggings in my Society6 shop. 
 If any are interested here are links to purchase. To buy art prints, home decor things such as pillows, bed,spreads, cups, shower curtains and clothing you can go HERE.  If you would like to buy yardage of fabric in so many choices from cotton to linen and satin as well as wallpaper and wrapping paper you can go HERE.

Until tomorrow, I hope all have a lovely day. 
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