Tuesday, February 17, 2009

17 February 1955 "Tv, Sewing Machines, Patterns, Etiquette, and Chocolate Chippers"

I thought the news for today could be an example of my 1955 tv viewing. Luckily these things are available in their entireity sometimes. It makes the viewing much more realistic and genuine.

This show from 1955 is in its entirety and you can see how commercials were more about sponsering the whole show. The total price of that singer sewing machine they advertise is equivalent to about $1100.00 today and the down payment of $15.00 makes it about a $100.00 payment. But when you consider all you will do with it for your family and home ,this machine is as important as your icebox or Kirby (or Hoover)! I think the story is really sweet and not to give away the end, what a darling conclusion, I think this story today would end very differenlty. Let me know what you think of it.

This lady looks like she was surprised while busy as a bee in her little sewing room. I have a similar version
of that lamp that I just bought at our local tag sale except mine also has a telescoping magnafying glass. I have not begun the project of kitting out my new sewing room. I cannot wait to be rid of this cold, as I am chomping at the bit to get to my projects and to get on top of my household chores again.
As I said, $1,100.00 is a lot for a sewing machine, but when it is such an integral part of the homemakers life, you can see why. Not only yourself and your families wardrobe would recieve the diligence of your creativity and your Singer, but your decor as well. This is a great layout of how best to make a slip cover for a chair. I am glad they use a wing chair in the example, as I have quite a few of these I would like to recover. I think it ingenious the use of the zipper at the back to hold in taut.
If anyone is interested in trying this pattern let me know and I can post the details that go with the chart I pictured.
Don't you love the pride on her face in the last photo. My experienced eye can also make out how well her girdle is helping her to achieve her lovely figure.
Actually, that chair and the striped fabric, if it were in pink and white, would look a treat in my fantasy sewing room. It is the one room I am going to be frilly and pink.

While we are on the subject of sewing and patterns I need to say that I love
my 1955 version of the mail order catalog: ebay. I was looking at Sewretro's blog today and she had this pattern and had made the dress, only her pattern number was torn off and didn't know what year/number it was. One of her commentors knew the pattern number and posted it. I saw it, went to ebay, typed in the number and there it was just waiting for me! It was only 4.99 plus shipping. This is gonna be perfect as I really need a good easy servicable pattern for a day dress. This will be nice for cleaning in and can go over my pajamas in the morning instead of my robe for breakfast with hubby. It is from 1953 so it fits in there as well. Thanks sewretro and thanks ebay, This little devil is on its way! By the end of this year, I may have to just go into 1956 as my closets will be full of nothing but vintage. Ahhh, what a loverly thought, eh ladies?

As I have been ill, which I am sure you are all sick of hearing (pun intended!) I thought I would muster up enough energy to make a good all-around yummy cookie. I was really craving a comfort food today and this fit the bill. Also,
tonight is a Gussie night, as my cleaning has been falling behind, so I thought a plate of these and some coffee would be a welcome treat for her after she sees the present state of the kitchen. Perhaps after cleaning up the mess it took to make these little lovelies, the dishpan hands won't seem as bad with these melting in her mouth.
I used to make my chocolate chip cookies with butter, but this vintage recipe from my much used cookbook, uses shortening, so I figured I should too. Here is my secret to making these extra wonderful. Follow the above recipe but add to it 1/4 tsp. of Almond extract and instead of the nuts had 1/2 cup of coconut. Then, after spooning them onto the cookie sheet with a teaspoon, press coconut into the top of each. This will get toasted to perfection as the cookie bakes. Put them in a 375 degree oven for ONLY 10 minutes. I know they will look doughy, but when you take them out they continue to cook, but will remain soft for days. These are sure to please anyone's sweet tooth. I may make a batch of these as my 'bring along treat' when our new neighbors eventually move into their new house. A nice casserole to be heated and a batch of these cookies, if they aren't my friends or at least good neighbors after that, then maybe I won't want to know them!
I think I will finish today with some etiquette from my 1955 "Home Makers Guide". This section starts off with a good little quote from Lady Mendl (Elsie de Wolfe known as Lady Mendl was an American interior decorator, nominal author of the influential 1913 book "The House in Good Taste,"and a prominent figure in New York, Paris, and London society. During her married life, the press usually referred to her as Lady Mendl. She would have been known of in 1955 still.
"Be pretty if you can, witty if you must, but be agreeable, if it kills you!"
Here are some tips. These are only a few and I will list more in later blogs when the mood hits or if anyone requests more.
A man always walks on the outside whether he is with one or two women.
Keep your hands to yourseld. Do not poke or hudge, or fondle publicly.
Don't "put on" just because you are at a party. Be "yourself" at all times. This eliminates the crooked little finger when drinking tea or coffee.
Well, these are todays sage words of advice, now go out there and homemake!
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