Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15 December 1955 “Feeling Better; Checking In”

50s dressing gown I apologize for not having posted before this, but my illness suddenly came to a head these past few days. Now, rather spent, but happily feeling more solidly better, I find myself well into the Christmas season. I feel as if I Rip Van Winkled and awoke on Christmas Eve. So many things to do and now rather less time.

Today is honestly the first day I can go out and attempt some shopping. We have budgeted very little for gifts this year, as it is our time together on the day that is more important than the things we give, but one does like to have a few things to wrap.woman with packages

So, I am off today to try and get back into the swing of things. I can hardly believe that 1955 is almost at a close.

christmas decoHere is a page of fun home-made decorations you can make. I thought they are a great recycling project as well as rather mid-century pretty. I will post the instructions for this as well as the recipes for the pies and some candies next. I still plan on doing a post about manners, but I want to peruse my Vanderbilt Etiquette book before hand.

Have a wonderful day and hope you are all ready for the coming Holiday.

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