Sunday, December 4, 2011

4 December 1957 “A Christmas Angel and Flower Gift to Make: New Life For Old Handkerchiefs”

angelflowerpotgifts A quick little hello this fine Sunday morning here in 1957. Having found so many lovely little hand-made gift ideas in my magazines, I can’t but help share them. I think these two handkerchief gifts are adorable and would be a wonderful way to present some vintage handkerchiefs to a vintage loving friend.

The angel is more complicated, but well worth the effort, while the little ‘flower pot’ couldn’t be easier or sweeter. I think repurposing old and cherished items as new gifts for friends and family is a great way to reign in the Christmas spending and keep a tight grip on one’s pin money.

handkerchiefangelhowto handkerchiefangelhowto2 Here are the angel instructions, which I think aren’t too bad. I may make one for our Christmas tree this year and will share the result. That way I can show if it truly is easy or not; the proof, they do say, is in the pudding.

handkerchiefflowerpothowto1 handkerchiefflowerpothowto And here is the flowerpot, which couldn’t be easier. I think I may make one with vintage wallpaper as the pot. I shall share this result with you as well.

I hope all are having a wonderful Sunday and today on the Forum I posted a new heading under Books Reading, and the Arts is a new topic “Vintage Daily and Sunday Cartoons” Check it out and add some of your favorites.

Happy Homemaking.

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