Monday, November 29, 2010

29 November 1956 “Sorry to be AWOL”

worriedwoman3 I am sorry to be ‘offline’ for the past two days. Our internet has been completely out and after hours on hold, found out much of New England was having trouble.

Nothing rockets me back to the frustration of modern life more than dealing with automated phone menus, pressing random buttons, being hung up on by a computerized voice, and hours of ‘Musack’. I am happy for many things in our modern world, our computer is a wonderful tool to know all of you and to allow me to express myself, but when things go wrong, boy do they eat up your day! I know I should be thankful for all we have in the modern world but sometimes I wonder if the time it took to do things the old way was not better spent than the rush rush of modern life and the sudden screaming stand-still stop that arrives when ‘things’ go wrong. And ‘things’ are always the computer. In a store, the registers are down, its the computer. Heaven forbid we just press in buttons and hand back cash, but no everything is SO complicated and mixed up with computers that if we ever DO have a nation wide brown out, what a horror that would be! Let us hope that does not happen.

Well, I shall return later this evening with a proper post. I have a bit of Christmas shopping to do with a friend. I need to fill some Brittle orders today (my pin money maker is doing rather well for the Holidays) and we are getting our Christmas tree today.

I hope all have a lovely day and I shall see you later today.

Happy Homemaking.

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