Monday, August 3, 2009

3 August 1955 "Free Online Cookbook"

I am going to start by saying that some of my posts my be less indepth and involved this month, August, as I am trying to back up one house and preparing the second where we will move come Sept 1. I am going to try my darndest to keep up with my blogs this month, but do know that come Sept, I will be settled in enough to do my usual more thorough well thought out posts.

For today I thought you might enjoy this: I had a commenter right me and tell me she found a book at an estate sale called, "Mrs. Owens Cookbook" and wanted to know what I knew about it. What I found out is that it was first written in 1870s and had a few reprints. Then I found this great link to the 1903 edition that will allow you to download it for free or read it online for free, so have at it gals. It is not 1950's but very intersting anyway. Enjoy and I hope it works. I had to use Firefox browser to get it to open to read online, but downloading might be easier and then you can read at your leisure whenever you want. Here is the LINK.
Now, here are some random summery 1955 photos to enjoy:

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