Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Greenhouse Peaches and a September Snorkel

Today's greenhouse haul: Tomatoes and two ripe peaches. I made burgers on the grill. I had mine on a tomato wrap with blue cheese and hummus and of course garden veg. We ate outside today and it was even warn enough for a snorkel. I saw the largest puffer of the season as the waters were so clear and calm. I love September.

The 'future' of Rayon in 1941

A film from 1941 about a girl getting married in 1912 and dreams in 1920 about the 'future' of mdoern American fabrics (Rayon) in 1941. I know, quite a concept, but here it is:
Promotional film for Bur-Mil Rayon Fabrics. Storyline synopsis courtesy the Prelinger Archives http://archi...

Calm Sea Vintage Climbing Rose.

It is so calm this morning. I believe hubby might head out for a kayak.
It will be a warn one today with no breeze of the sea. Although it always picks up come afternoon. That is why even on the hottesr of days this summer it was always coil out the back with the breeze blowing advertise Buzzards Bay. It is known for its strong winds which is why it is such a good spot for sailing. And the kite surfers are out all summer. 
One of my new roses I planted for the house this spring is blooming again. It was a popular climber developed in 1956 so appropriate for the house. It's unfortunate name is "golden showers" of course to the innocent ears of the 1950s that did not have a bad connotation as it does today. I am going to train this rose up the stone chimney which faces the sea and in time have it ramble across the top edge of the house.
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