Friday, October 22, 2010

22 October 1956 “First Day of Site Day”

womanwithmachine For those of you who have not visited the new site, you may not know my new blogging schedule. I now plan on my usual daily blogging M-TH and then Friday is going to be given over to Site maintenance. At this stage of the game that actually means still messing about with the layout and a bit of new content.

My hope is to get the site laid out to run smoothly enough that each Friday will find me going meticulously through all my old posts and inserting all the relevant information into the appropriate sections of the site. This will result, hopefully, in a well organized place to find any and all info that I have collected on Vintage life and History.

Today my big task is to reorganize the organization of the site. My simply buttons and links now are going to have a major re-haul as I try to learn how to make a more sophisticated and better to use file structure. Hopefully I can get that up by the end of the day (it is my plan). This will almost complete the skeleton of the site and allow me to begin filling in the meat, as it were.

For those of you who read me daily, again thank you for your kind words of encouragement and for putting up with my posts while I am ‘under construction’, I am afraid the editing is even below my normal sub-par level. But I hope you get the ‘gist’ of my posts during this time.

I will update here in the comments or a new post later today when I have uploaded whatever ‘site work’ I have accomplished today.

The remainder of my blog schedule will be Sat, normal blogging and Sundays, answer of reader questions. If you have or want to ask anything of me to have answered on Sundays either go to the Contact button on the site or simply click HERE to do so. I only use your name/blog link if you ask me to, if you merely ask a question, I will assume you are anon and will simply post the question and answer. If you would like your name/blog/web address included, then simply tell me to do so and of course include it in the email.

So far today I have been trying out a new header and logo I designed, which will show up now on some of the pages. I also need to point out that I have solved the SEARCH WINDOW issues and you will find on the pages with the new logo that the search window now works. It is in the upper right corner and searches my site and blog. Let me know how that works out for you.

Have a great day and as always, Happy Homemaking!

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