Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 July 1956 “Holidays at Home”

50scoupleonbeach My posting may be a bit spotty this week. Hubby has the next 10 days off and we are having a “Holiday at Home”. We felt the stress and cost of travel etc could be left aside if we stayed here at home. We love our little house, we can ride our bikes to the beach and people stream onto the Cape all summer, so why not be Tourists in our own Town? We can visit other towns, eat at fun local restaurants and still spend much less than if we were to go away some where. I hate airports nowadays and most traveling often leaves me  more exhausted.
50scouplepicnicingSo, so far on her first day of vacation we have enjoyed the yard, drank iced tea and had a good walk. So, don’t worry if I am not posting much this week.
Here, from WWII Britain is the suggestion of Holidays at Home. Though then it was suggested to save the transport for the war effort, couldn’t we today say it is to save on fuel and the planet and our wallets.
(When you click on the below image it will open the movie and you need to press play then, enjoy it!)


I often feel bad for the WWII generation and thought you might like to read this Daily mail article about that generation today. It is to be found  HERE.
So, I shall check in but most likely not every day this holiday week. Have fun all and remember, Happy Homemaking.
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