Saturday, September 18, 2010

18 September 1956 “Mother’s At Home Continued”

Here is the second and final part of the article on Mother’s Needed at Home.
I want to make sure that it is said that I and I am sure no one else who comments on this blog, thinks any less of mother’s who do not choose to stay at home. Many times circumstances dictate that one is not able to be at home, or perhaps one does feel their following a career is also a boon to a child in the display of the import of one’s self fulfillment.
As I have no children myself I would never ever deign to give advice or to know what is best ‘for the child’. However, for any of you mother’s out there that have to work because you need to but not because you want to, I think we should open a dialogue about the possibilities for their being able to quit their job and stay home.
We have stay at home mother’s who read and follow this site/blog who most likely have good advice. So, it is there for the asking, I believe.
Enjoy this article for it’s advice and for it’s Vintage flavor. I think we all have different reasons or feelings for our having children and I shouldn’t like anyone to feel excluded or looked down upon. Our community, nay our Revolution, is one in which we can openly disagree, yet still have the same focus of family and home being of import to both ourselves and our country at large.
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