Tuesday, May 31, 2011

31 May 1957 “Dungaree Doll and How To Make An Adorable Mother and Child Bunny Dolls from Socks”

bunnydollpic These Darling Bunny dolls are easy to make from socks. I have included the pattern today. A great way to either use up old socks or a fun way to use new socks!

Well, Dickie Bennet is singing about a different kind of a doll: a teen girl in dungarees, but its such a nifty ditty, I thought it’d make a great song to accompany you as you make a cute doll out of socks.

What is fun about this song is it mentions a few things teens must have done in the mid 1950’s, such as 1) writing boyfriends initials on jeans 2)wearing old letterman sweaters and 3) making paperclip jewelry.

Enjoy these patterns and if any of you make them, please share your finished results and we can post about them and your results. Simply click on the images and they will enlarge. The second pattern should be printer reader and not need to be increased in scale.

I am going to skip news today as I am not sure if any of you are enjoying it or even reading it really. It takes some time to hunt things down, but if you are enjoying it, let  me know and I shall continue.

Have Fun and Happy Homemaking!

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