Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 November 1956 “Happy Thanksgiving”

thanksgivingdayparade Here some families enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC in the 1950’s. I love the children’s winter suits. You will notice that, even were the picture in color, the over all look would be calm and pleasing colors. No loud neon and an over abundance of Corporate Logos and printed Thomas the Tank engine and Sponge Bob everywhere.
Now, they did have fun programs for kid’s in the 1950’s and Rootie Kazootie was one of them in the early 50’s.
rootiebook Rootie Kazootie was a popular early 1950’s children’s program. It incorporated puppets as well as live actors. The show first aired locally as “The Rootie Tootie Club” on New York’s  NBC affiliate WNBT on October 14, 1950.The show aired on NBC until November 1952, and was seen on ABC beginning in December. The last telecast was May 7, 1954.
So, today here is the Rootie Kazootie Thanksgiving special in its entirety even with advertising. So, if you are busy set the kids down in front of this fun show and see if they enjoy it. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
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