Tuesday, June 30, 2009

29 June 1955 "Talking Point Tuesdays"

I have been busy, as usual, and wanted to address Jitterbugs questions to me about my project reaching its halfway mark. I am still really thinking about it and compiling my thoughts, so don't think I forgot.

Today, being "talking point Tuesdays" made me want to put to you something in the comments from my last post. A commentor asked Jitterbug how she was able to change from a night person. This let me to wonder, we vintage gals here do seem to want to change things about our own modern world. So, I put to you, what WOULD you like to change (even if you are not sure you can or it could happen) about yourself that you think would be more vintage and make you more happy. And what could you change (again, rather you think it could happen) about our modern world that would, in fact, be more vintage. And finally, what would you like to change about yourself (Realistically) and your own little bit of the world (again this time realistically)that would be more vintage and make you happier and more content.

So, let us discuss!

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