Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 january 1955 "news, cakes, and more patterns"

Okay, some quick 'news' of the day.

Congress authorizes all US currency and coins to say "In God We Trust"

No-iron Dacron introduced. Alright!

New at the market - Pillsbury Chocolate Angel Food Cake Mix- "you love it in white... now Pillsbury has it in chocolate too!"

Now, speaking of chocolate cakes, I made my very first from scratch two layer chocolate cake and homemade chocolate icing. The icing has a raw egg in it, so hopefully that will be alright. The recipe came from my Better Homes and Garden. It is really yummy and I am proud of myself. I know that cake mixes are available now, but I have heard that the early ones were not very good. Although the cake mixes from 2009 always make such a light fluffy cake, but I think a good housewife/homemaker would have made it from scratch. In fact, I would have probably been making them since I was a young adult or teen or actually helped my mother when I was young. Anyway, I am proud of it. I am glad it is living happing on my 1950s aluminum cake pan.

My vintage friend stopped by today and gave me this! I am quite excited, I know I have a few patterns already, but i really like the collar on this one. Tomorrow is sewing day for me, so I was glad to recieve this today. I am going to try it tomorrow as well as the dressing gown pattern I showed yesterday. It was a very 1955 moment when she dropped by. I was in the kitchen, knee deep in eggs and butter and cocoa powder. She, as promised, came in vintage. It was one of those, 'neighbors dropping by unexpectedly' moments. I set my batter aside, put some coffee on and we sat down for a good gossip. We both promised to work on our sewing tomorrow.

We took a walk today and I had a skirt on from my grocery shopping, but I put on trousers. I think it would be right and actually with my wide leg trousers and my vintage hair, I looked quite 40's. Having been a young wife in the late 40's I would have some layover habits, and wearing trousers would be one. Not when I go to stores or somthing important, though.

Tonight is movie night. We are going over to our friends with the wall tv to watch, All that heaven allows with Rock Hudson. I will wear a dress and hat and gloves for this occasion. I was promised popcorn during and afterwards cards, possible something jello and cocktails, of course. I mean, it is saturday night. What I really want to find is a place to go dancing. I am going to see if there is a place for Hubby and I to learn old dancing. We have talked about it before, and this would be a good year for it. Especially if we do it with a couple of other couples. How wonderful to be swingin it in vintage gear! Any excuse to show off one of my new hats, right?
This will be a short blog today, I am afraid. The weekends seem busier, as hubby is here. We had our walk and then dinner. Now we are getting ready for the night out. I am going to post my proposed cleaning schedule tomorrow for the coming week. I baked my cake today, so that is hubby's sweet for his lunch until mid-week. Then, not sure what to try next.
I hope everyone in the future is having a fine time, here in 1955 it has been a nice busy saturday with the hope of some vintage fun ahead.
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