Saturday, November 7, 2009

7 November 1955 “Touching Base”

coffee klatch Hi gals! Just touching base with you for a quick Coffee Klatch.

I have been very busy these past few days and have been battling a UTI. I know it isn’t polite to talk of such things in mixed company, but over coffee and a visit, we gals understand.

Some women are just more prone to UTI/Kidney Infections and unfortunately, I am one of those. I started researching when antibiotics were readily available from your doctor, and it looks as those I would have been able to get some form of them from my doctor. I am, now, currently on two kinds as I put it off a bit too long, but you know how a gal gets so busy!

Tonight I am trying out my new birthday mixer and baking up a double batch of my feather fudge cake. I have been asked to supply desserts for hubby for another meeting/celebration for someone at work. I am also going to make some of my chocolate dipped coconut macaroons. Always a crowd pleaser and so easy (See my birthday tea for recipe!)

I also have told a couple of my friends that I would get some things ready for a ‘craft fair’ they are going to be involved in at our local farm next Sunday. Normally, I would look to my paintings etc, but I am going to, instead, sew up some aprons and decorate them with embroidery and other things. If they work out, I will post picks. I cannot find a pattern for a type I would like to try, so may have to make one up. Tomorrow I am going to get some fabric to try these out.

So, with the sickness, baking, and preparing for a craft fair, I have been unable to really focus on a post. I will do so, soon, though I promise.

How are all of you and what have you been up to? Any good recipes or tips to share?

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