Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mini post to thank everyone!

This is just a quick note, I will do my post tonight and again tomorrow, but I just had to really thank everyone for their great comments and support.
What was funny, was my blue feeling left me not wanting to leave the project, but to literally go back to 1955. It is almost as if the more I do and experience about it (though I know it is from the standpoint of the present) it makes me long for it more.
I fell renewed and energized. I sort of want to even add a bit more to my blogs, as I really have been reading alot of vintage interior design books and think a section every day or everyother day about various styles and ideas for the home from my various books. I am also excited to start doing these things to my home and will want to do before and after pics.
Thank you so much. I had to go out and get my brakes done today and I spent the day with my most sympathetic vintage friend who dresses vintage everytime we are together. Her car would not start today, of all days, so she went with me to the garage and dropped off the car with me and then we walked a mile on slippery sidewalks in our flats and stockings and hats etc to the local cafe and played cribbage, dished, and talked about fashion and such. SO, it was a good day and I have come home to so many wonderful comments. Thank you again.
I just had to post this between my getting dinner prepared and setting the table.
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