Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July 1957 “A Continuation of our Homemaker Discussion”

I received so many wonderful comments yesterday and some continuing today, that I thought it merited continuing the discussion.

I would first like to say I am sorry to Mrs. Ames, as I simply misunderstood her comment. As I tried to explain, though obviously not very well, yesterday was that it was my OWN response to her comment that made me think. I did not think she meant anything untoward or ‘snarky’ in her comment to me. Therefore first and foremost, I am sorry some people viewed my response to it that way. We are happy to have comments and advice from a seasoned homemaker and please do chime in again.

Therefore, without further adieu, let’s continue on with this discussion. I think the great talking points are:

1. stress and tasks of a Homemaker with new children

2. The changing attitudes towards the homemaker as her children grow and need less aid (late teens) or empty nesters. Is the homemaker then expected, by society, to then get a job as she hasn’t “anything to do”.

3. The perceived value of Homemaking for a Childless Homemaker vs. a Homemaker with children.

4. The perceived value of a Homemaker with 1 or 2 children compared with a Homemaker with 5-7?

So, either continue to comment on yesterday’s post, or simply move over here and share any more. Even, if you feel the need, to simply vent about how frustrating it is to care for your children and home and yet still get the comment, “Oh, you don’t work?”. Let’s hear it ladies. I love a good discussion.

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