Friday, October 1, 2010

1 October 1956 “Sweet Extra’s With Late Season Vegetables”

earlyamericanlivingroomred I just thought this image from an ad in one of my 50’s magazines did a good job of showing another way the ‘Early American’ look was expressed. It almost has a ‘modern country’ look to it with the clean lines of the sofa with it’s bold plaid paired with the Windsor chair. The old bench as a coffee table is darling and I love the bold use of the bright wallpaper and the complimentary color of the solid green three tiered curtains.
Another aspect of this photo that is telling of the times (the early 1950’s) is the vast farmed field across the way. This home might very well be sharing their side of the street with many similar houses built on old farm land. And most likely that view across the street will change by the 1960’s as the building boom continues and farm land is converted to sub-division. A pretty prospect from their window now, though and I love their ‘woody station wagon’ in the drive. The entire scene makes me want to put on the fire and sip cocoa. It did a good job of not making me dread our coming winter.
This is a great article from an October issue of Better Homes and Gardens from 1954. It gives three recipes and ideas on how to use up those late summer vegetables in the garden in a fun way. I think I shall try these. Simply click on them for a full size view.
canningarticle1 canningarticle2 canningarticle3
Enjoy and Happy Homemaking.
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