Monday, August 30, 2010

30 August 1956 “A Fun Book Making Challenge”

I discovered, hopefully not too late, a fun challenge on a site. The challenge was the questions, “Is the old saying true, Everyone has one book inside of them?” With that in mind we were asked to make up a dummy or idea of a book we would like to make.

So for the “Nuffnang August Blogger Challenge” I thought I would have a go at it. I have often thought that my year in 1955 would make a fun and interesting book. My current busy schedule of both living in the past, running my household, and also trying to create the site to become a sort of vintage community and vintage magazine for all of you takes up quite a bit of my time, not to mention Blog posts. But, I love it all and thought, why not try out this challenge.

So, here it is, my quick thrown together idea for ‘My Book’. (All images can be clicked to view and read full size)

 bookcover The cover. This could be done in so many ways, but for this challenge I thought sweet and simple was the way to go.

 bookinside A fun introduction is always good, don’t you think. It doesn’t have to be a novel, right?

 bookchapters Chapters that leave room for tips and maybe even a rant or two. There would be more than four chapters of course, this is just an ‘overview’ idea.

And, of course, I would want to include many of my food photos.threelayerfudgecakeBecause, a gal can never cook enough, learn enough new recipe nor, it seems, take enough artsy photos of her food. It, much like baking and cooking, is an addiction with me!donuts6biscuits3And, there would be images of various parties and spreads I have done with ideas for more.birthday teaparty5I would want to touch on sewing and fashion, and the general work ethic and kind and considerate manners of the past, all of which many of us would like to bring back and use in our daily life.

Well, that is my silly little post today. I need to get this off, because I just realized that Australia is a day ahead of the USA!

Until tomorrow, then, Happy Homemaking.

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