Friday, January 2, 2009

First breakfast 1955!

Well, first off, thank you for all your comments. I think I shall do my own computer posting. It does make sense, as I can just pretend I am writing in my journal for the day. But, I am going to try and NOT use the computer for any other purposes. Even with the old tv and commercials, my husband has seen fit to copy many onto dvds for me, so I will stick with that and then when I begin to run low, defer to him. See, I am already becoming a 1950's wife in that I first think, "well, I shall ask my husband".

I have to confess, tho I am only really two days in, that there is a secret part of me that sort of likes the idea of being 'taken care of'. I mean, certainly I am going to be providing food, clean clothes and house, nice environment for my husband, but I LIKE being home and do not relish driving to go to work for 8 hours a day. Perhaps this will change, we shall see.

Now, this morning I got up at 7:00 am with my alarm. Padding downstairs to prepare breakfast. I have to say, I do this already, but usually, if I am making bacon, I use the micro as it always comes out perfect. But, alas, there is no microwave. I mean it is hidden away in the bowels of the basement with other items that have yet to be invented (except for the dvd player. I do hope u will forgive me that, but I am ONLY using it for shows and commercials of the time). So, it was pan fried bacon and then eggs fried in that lovely bacon grease. I am sure this will elicit gasps of horror and clutching of the heart from all of you, but you know what? It was GOOD! There is alot to be said for animal fats for cooking. YUM!
So, it went off without a hitch. Freshly squeezed oj from my electric juicer (it is vintage photos to follow I PROMISE) eggs, toast, jam. I even decided to use more dishes for the morning. Rather than have a jug of milk on the counter, I put it in a creamer. I am also 'decanting' my milk in some repro milk bottles in the fridge for accuracy, plus it looks nicer. It felt quite 'real' this morning. The table set with actual dishes and my 50's cups and saucers (they hold much less coffee than we are used too!) the fresh perculated coffee pot on the table. I even had the toaster on the table, as I have seen this in varioius photos and magazines, and u know I made the toast as we sat to eat. It did mean having to wait for it to finish to have with our eggs, but it seemed authentic. I wonder, would they have had the toast made before sitting down, but then why the toaster on the table? You see, these are the things that will be occupying my time, so don't hold your breath for too much excitement readers! (As an aside, I was just about to make a smiley face with the colon and the paranthesis button, but realized this concept has not been invented. I thought u would like to know the sort of modern thought processes that will pop up and how I will slowly let them slip aside)

I am determined to NOT be only mindful of what to wear and what to cook. This, I am sure, was an important factor in a 1950's housewives life, but many of these things would have been second nature to her. I need to also keep up on 'current' events, read magazines (so I can see what to 'ask' my husband for, hint hint come June I would like it to be the dishwasher!)and fiction. Right now I am just starting "The Genius and the Goddess" by Aldous Huxley. This came out in 1955, so I don't know if I would have it by 2 january, but it is the right year anyway. I think I will use brackets to insert any moment when I would have done a modern thing in my blogging. So [ After I typed in the title of the book I am reading, my first initial response was to add a link to a page that would describe the book, maybe a pic of the cover, etc. But, I did not. I think it is these little moments of modernity that really bring home the project. I like to think of what I take for granted today that would have been unthinkable in the 1950s. If this becomes annoying, dear readers, do let me know and I will stop. I do become enamored of the simplest things!]

Oh, so back to my day, yes. I am, today, laying out a plan for the week. This will include what days the bed linens are to be changed. I hope not everyday, tho it would be nice, I don't think I can stand ironing bed sheets everyday! How many days to clean bathrooms etc etc. I will have a time in the evening, where my hubby and I will watch a 50's show together, then probably talk about 'current' events. He is also a history nerd, so this will be of interest to him. My first "50's night" is planned for next wednesday. This gives me time to practice making petite fors and brushing up on my bridge. OOOH and I can use the new cocktail shaker set I got for christmas! By the way, ALL of my christmas gifts were geared to this being 1955. I asked for only things appropriate to this project. It actually has quite helped me, as it has given me a good reserve to start off with. Magazines, dvds, old appliances, dishes, skirts, crinoline etc.

Well, I suppose this is a good start for me. This morning I kissed my husband good by at the door in my penoir (it is actually a 1950's nightgown and dressing gown and horror of horrors it is nylon. I guess it was the new wonder fabric as it needed no ironing. Tho I am slightly disgusted today, I am sure a month down the road, when I have ironing piling up, I will be begging for all things made of nylon. Good ole petroleum industry. See, this is where it all began folks, the good ole days.)

Let me know if there is anything that any of u would like to know as I do this project. Back to the happy quiet day of january 2 1955.
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