Tuesday, May 31, 2011

31 May 1957 “Dungaree Doll and How To Make An Adorable Mother and Child Bunny Dolls from Socks”

bunnydollpic These Darling Bunny dolls are easy to make from socks. I have included the pattern today. A great way to either use up old socks or a fun way to use new socks!

Well, Dickie Bennet is singing about a different kind of a doll: a teen girl in dungarees, but its such a nifty ditty, I thought it’d make a great song to accompany you as you make a cute doll out of socks.

What is fun about this song is it mentions a few things teens must have done in the mid 1950’s, such as 1) writing boyfriends initials on jeans 2)wearing old letterman sweaters and 3) making paperclip jewelry.

Enjoy these patterns and if any of you make them, please share your finished results and we can post about them and your results. Simply click on the images and they will enlarge. The second pattern should be printer reader and not need to be increased in scale.

I am going to skip news today as I am not sure if any of you are enjoying it or even reading it really. It takes some time to hunt things down, but if you are enjoying it, let  me know and I shall continue.

Have Fun and Happy Homemaking!

rabbitpattern1 rabbitpattern2

Monday, May 30, 2011

30 May 1957 “Geodesic Dome : Part Two and Memorial Day”

 memorialdayparade Today is Memorial Day here in the U.S. We celebrate and honor those who have fought in the military.

Interestingly enough, it was first celebrated by formerly enslaved Black Americans  to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War who had died in the cause of their freedom.  After  World War I  it came to represent and honor those Americans who had died in all wars. After WWII it began to include visiting graves and reflecting on all those in the military, rather they had fallen or not. It also marks the official beginning of the Summer Season. This is particularly felt here where I live on Cape Cod, a summer destination.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

28 May 1957 “Buckminster Fuller and the Geodesic Dome”

fuller1 Richard Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller was an American engineer, designer, inventor, author, and futurist. He hails from my home state of Massachusetts and had a very colorful youth. He was kicked out of Harvard twice, once for “spending all his money partying with a vaudeville troupe”.
His most famous work is with the geodesic dome, which even garnered names for Carbon molecules known as ”fullerenes”, named by scientists for their resemblance to geodesic spheres.

Though many associate the dome with the earth/natural movement of the 1970’s, Fuller had created these unique forms in the 1950’s. Today I am sharing this article with you on his work from a 1954 Better Homes and Gardens.

I just want to go off topic here for a moment and point out that I loved that a woman’s magazine in the 1950’s thought to include up to the minute news in design and science. How odd to consider a homemaker, a woman to boot, would be interested in science and design. Again, another example of our perceived idea of how women were treated or represented in the 1950s and the actual fact. Compare this with a woman’s magazine of today.

Friday, May 27, 2011

27 May 1957 “Bad Tenants and Loss of Freedoms”

womanpurse I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday. As many of you may know, I have been dealing with the worse tenant situation I have ever had. We have a house we rent out for the amount it costs to pay the mortgage. We make zero dollars from it and quite often end up paying more for various things like water and repairs.

Our latest tenants have stopped paying rent two months ago. They have destroyed the house beyond belief. The home reeks of animal waste and the yard has bags of actual garbage as well as an odd array of broken furniture, various appliances in disrepair and more ‘free’ garbage, not bagged. It appears they literally eat, drink, or smoke something and then let it fall where it may.

The last week has been one of talking to lawyers, going to various government offices (where they seem to care very little) and to the local sheriffs office. What I have come to fine, and this is not an exaggeration, as a homeowner/landlord in MA I have NO legal rights to the house. I have to give a 30 day amount of time AFTER they have stopped paying rent. It has to be delivered BEFORE the last of the month it gives as the final month. It has to be signed for by the tenant by certifies mail (which I paid for) BUT if they do NOT accept the letter and go pick it up. That counts as their NOT having it! I couldn’t believe that, because obviously they have done this before.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 May 1957 “Mind your Manners”

First off, I want to start today’s post with a kind, “Thank you” to one of my wonderful new followers: Daisy Lew

She recently commented the following and made me feel rather quite good:

“I did it! I read through all of your blog posts, starting at the very beginning! I feel as though I know you very well now. I hope that's not too creepy and stalker-ish. I admire you very much and think very highly of all of your accomplishments over the past 2 1/2 years. You are an inspiration, as I'm sure you know!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24 May 1957 “Rhubarb Blueberry Crumble”

rhubarb I was lucky enough to receive some wonderful fresh rhubarb from Gussie the other day, from the farm where she works.  rhubarbupcloseNever one to miss an opportunity for an ‘artsy’ close up, aren’t these colors wonderful? Now these would be good cues to take to decorate a room. Even a green and red kitchen (though sounding rather Christmas) is indeed a lovely thing. Especially with accents of ice cream pink and pistachio green…ah, can’t you just imagine it?

Well, back to the task at hand, my new found rhubarb. I was lucky to have had in the freezer some leftover fresh-picked local blueberries from last year, so I considered the two and thought, “A crumble!”
Ever since my first adventure in the kitchen back on that fateful day of 1955, I have found such continuing adventures to still be intoxicating. Once having learned some of the basics of cooking and baking, the artist in me took flight. When one knows how a crumble is made, say, then one considers the endless possibility of crumbles to be had.

Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May 1957 “The Typewriter”

typewriterad The glorious typewriter. It has been around for some time, by 1957, but was an integral part of the mid-century lifestyle. Offices, schools, students and yes, Homemakers, were often happy to have the helpful tool.
Today, with computers, cell phones/texting, and of course the i-Pad type devices, typewriters might seem to be even further an anachronism. This, I am happy to say, seems to not be entirely true.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

22 May 1957 "Sunday News Day"

There is no new post today, but there is new news below in the Vintage Daily News, including a fun show to watch this rainy Sunday, "The People's Choice" starring Jackie Cooper.
You can either scroll down and read today's stories or if it is not 22 May go to the News Archive button at the top and choose that day.
Have a great Sunday and Happy Homemaking.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

21 May 1957 “Space Age Pop: The Future of Music”

spacefridge Here in 1957 we are rather obsessed with Space. The hopeful look to other planets and that great dark but starry mystery beyond is a pull to hard to resist.
Man always being an explorer, has begun to find the Earth over explored. After WWII technology had suddenly been sped up rather quickly and now, post war, we want that technology for everything. From increasing products (leading to our current consumer culture which, as we know in the 21st century, only becomes greater) to mapping out quicker ways to travel through air with jet aeroplanes and super highways, we see the sky not as the limit, but as the next great frontier.

Our Space story begins “The story begins in 1952, when the International Council of Scientific Unions decided to establish July 1, 1957, to December 31, 1958, as the International Geophysical Year (IGY) because the scientists knew that the cycles of solar activity would be at a high point then. In October 1954, the council adopted a resolution calling for artificial satellites to be launched during the IGY to map the Earth's surface.

Friday, May 20, 2011

20 May 1957 “The Last Episode of I Love Lucy and now the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour”

The last episode of that quintessential 1950’s sit-com “I Love Lucy” ends this month, and aired on 6 May 1957. It was the highest rated show in the country at this time.

The last episode was entitled “The Minuteman and the Redhead”. I could not find it in its entirety, but here is a great recap of that episode.

The final episodes had Lucy and Ricky living in Westport CT. Of course, they actually lived in CA and it was all filmed there. Therefore, some of their information about Westport was not completely accurate. See today's Vintage Daily News below to see an article comparing the right and wrong of this final episode.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

19 May 1957 “A Flower Arrangement of Pinks and Greens and Britain Drops the Bomb”

lilacarrangement2  I spoke of the color combination of pink and green earlier in the week. This color is very fresh and Spring like. I love Lilac and Viburnum, both of which I am lucky to have in abundance on my property. Such arragements couldn’t be easier, as one walks about in the dewy morning, shears in hand, and simply cuts and clusters in the hand like a wedding bouquet.

I love Viburnum. When they are newly budding, like this, they are a wonderful shade of chartreuse green. This color fades to pure white as Spring reaches summer, just when you want that cool color. READ MORE

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 May 1957 “How to be a Good Citizen and Control our Emotions”

goodcitizens I often like to keep bad news from my posts. I figure we often are more upset when we first get involved in bad news. Our instant thought is to fly off the handle or to over-exaggerate the situation.
Another thing I have learned from my time-travel lifestyle was that what seems bad or important in that moment, will often be better viewed with a day or two between it and you. This has been the case for many things that have happened in my life since 1955. Even dealing with my mother’s Alzheimer's (which we knew of before my project) became easier. My ability to weigh a situation, think on it, even make lists for responses and emotions, seemed to really help me. READ MORE

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May 1957 “Pink and Green: What a Combination and How To Make A Dressing Table Skirt”

pinkgreenbedroom I love pink, evidently anyone can see that by my blog/site. Before 1955 I hated pink. I am not sure why, just felt no affinity for it. But after immersing myself in vintage magazines and books and movies, pink just pushed itself into the forefront of my favorites. It has many uses and can go from the softest almost sandy tan pink of a seashell to the shocking brights of the 80’s to the deeper greyer undertone pink of the 1950’s. READ MORE

Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May 1957 “Some Photos From ‘Round The Farm”

womanchicken We have had some new additions to our little ‘farm’ here. My broody hen, though I should have chased her off the nest, is such a good mother, I couldn’t resist. As we have a rooster our eggs our fertilized, so I simply collected up a clutch and let her get to work.henchicks3 I love this photo I got of she and her little golden baby. This one, for some reason, really likes to snuggle in the wings of the hen. READ MORE

Sunday, May 15, 2011

15 May "News Day"

I am not posting a blog today, but I still updated news items below (just scroll down). I am excited to try and keep this up daily, just to share the various vintage things I come across daily and normally might have to set aside until I could get to it with a post. And you can read previous days news by clicking the News Archive at the top of the page or go HERE. And the Vintage Daily News also has its own Rss reader HERE.

Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday and Happy Homemaking.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

14 May 1957 “Magazine ‘Recipes’ For You To Try”

cocktaileskimosalad I use the term ‘recipe’ rather lightly here, but in many of my vintage magazines I often find these ads. They seem to always be at the outside end of a page. They are dispersed throughout the magazine and are always in bright full color. Even when the magazines own recipes are in black and white. Obviously, they were advertisement for the products used in the ‘recipes’. However, they are fun to look at and some may even wish to give them a try. READ MORE

Friday, May 13, 2011

12 & 13 May 1957 “Everyman an Artist: Paint By Number”

I am reposting yesterday’s post, because something is up with blogger. I hope today the post shows up and people are able to comment.
picturecraftadThe other day, while thumbing through one of my vintage magazines ( a 1954 copy this time) I came across this ad for Picture Craft Paint by Numbers sponsored by the popular Ozzie Nelson family of TV fame. READ MORE

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 May 1957 “Some Commercials, Then and Now”

I thought today we could look at a Then and Now of TV advertisements.
This 57 car commercial seems to point out the good of the car. We see what it has to offer.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 May 1957 “Give A New Kitchen A Good Start: The 1954 Way”

newkitchenarticle1I love to share the various kitchen ideas and layouts in my vintage magazines. They often have some good advice one might not have thought of. They often give a lot in a small space as well.

Today’s kitchen is from 1954. The article tells us: READ MORE

Monday, May 9, 2011

9 May 1957 “Come On Down and Join Us! No Spam No Bots!”

ladiesmeeting Today I wanted to invite any and all to our Forum. We have had a forum here at the Apron revolution since last year. We have had some wonderful in depth conversations and then, suddenly, once we hit a certain number of honest to goodness members, the spam began! READ MORE

Sunday, May 8, 2011

8 May 1957 “Happy Mother’s Day”

 mothersday1Today is Mother’s day, as many of you know. I hope you have a wonderful day. Celebrate your mother and enjoy being celebrated if you are a mother.
We are taking my mother in law to our local farm for their Mother’s Day tea today. We will sip tea, watch the animals, browse their lovely plants, it shall be a fine day. READ MORE

Saturday, May 7, 2011

7 May 1957 “Do Our Gadgets Help or Hinder?”

This morning I had a harried modern morning. Hubby had to be to work earlier so I had to get up and head out the door. Now, let me preface this by saying I almost never use the car any longer.
When I originally decided to get rid of our second car, we were half way through 1955, but then knew that we would be moving back to a different home, so it got put on the back burner. And even though I knew I was driving less and buying less, I was still making unnecessary trips to buy things I did not need. I did not have to be innovative or a better planner so that when I had the car I made sure I got everything needed. Or if I needed something I didn’t have, how to make do and be creative.

So, now I have come to loathe the car so that I use it once a week for my marketing day. I plan everything out to get it done on that day, post, bank, shopping and home. This morning, however, I had to rush out the door and get to the bank. Once there I am told, “The systems are down”. “What does that mean?” I ask, innocently enough, “Well, we can’t do anything”. “I just need to deposit”, say I. “Well, we can take it but we can’t give you a receipt. READ MORE

Friday, May 6, 2011

6 May 1957 “Before Your Baby Sitter Comes: A Vintage Article, Father Knows Best on the Radio, and a short film: How Quiet Helps at School”

 harrieddad Hubby and I have not yet stepped into the role of parents. The various discussions on preparations for such a decision almost always includes child care. We feel, for us, if we were to have a child I would like to be the primary care giver and being a SAHM. Yet many women today cannot do this. Many women today, as well, have careers that they cannot leave off. And even for SAHM, there are times when mother and father have to go out (hopefully) together. So, the subject of the ‘sitter’ must be a very important one in the discussion parents have to have.
Therefore, I wanted to share this article from one of my magazines entitled: Before your baby sitter comes” (Simply click on each image to enlarge and read)
babysittingarticle1 babysittingarticle2 babysittingarticle3 READ MORE

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 May 1957 “Espalier Fruit Trees: Beauty and Function”

I had a comment asking about espalier fruit trees. I have mentioned espalier trees in the past. This is a very old form of keeping fruit and also displaying line and form in purely ornamental trees and shrubs.
Espalier :A tree or shrub that is trained to grow in a flat plane against a wall, often in a symmetrical pattern.  (French, from Italian spalliera, shoulder support, from spalla, shoulder, from Late Latin spatula, shoulder blade)
I thought I would start with some images showing the various shapes of espalier.
 espaliertree1 (READ MORE)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4 May 1957 “Growing Chickens, Budding Fruit Trees, Stone Walls, and No-Rise Bread”

maraneggs1I haven’t shared any chicken news with any of you lately. If you recall, back in January I ordered a dozen fertile French Copper Maran eggs. You can see what a lovely chocolate brown they are. I put a few in my incubator and a few under my broody hen. What I learned is I should have put them ALL under the hen. The three I gave here all hatched, while only one in the incubator did so. Obviously Nature over Machine won out this time.
montychick1As I have also mentioned my dogs LOVE chicks. Here you can see my little Chi, Monty, happily snuggling with the little grey chick. She is one of my own chickens fertile eggs. A purebred Blue Orpington from my rooster. The sad tale with Monty’s love affair with the chicks, is once they become full sized hens, they no longer love him, often chase him and he runs squealing away. Yes, my chickens can beat up my dogs, what can one say? READ MORE

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 May 1957 “Fun Kitchen, 1950 Alice in Wonderland live action Movie, and Rss Feeds”

kitchenad First, let’s start the day with this lively little ad. I like the checklist, very specific to these darling cabinets. I can say NONE of the checklist items are in my kitchen, sadly.
I also, as many of you know, love quaint and quirky look of the Early American mid-century design. Here we see happy function and practicality in metal cabinets and linoleum flooring living in serenity with old wood walls, colonial benches, brick walls and cross-hatch leaded paned windows. Read entire post --->

Monday, May 2, 2011

2 May 1957 “The Little Corner Shelf”

mycornershelfThe corner shelf. That quintessential vintage kitchen accessory. This image here, is of my own corner shelf. My house, which is very old, had its 1880’s addition ‘done over’ in the 1950’s. My cabinets are of wood and were made to fit the space, as this house, even in the 1950’s, was never on square. A lot of settling can happen in 300 years.
I have always loved these little corner spaces. My own here houses a plant in a vintage yellow 1930’s McCoy Pottery planter, the gravy boat and sugar and creamer to my Temporama set and a smattering of shells and starfish. A nod to my proximity to the ocean. I also love pale blue, yellow and red in a kitchen. And touches of dark green, as from this plant, is very 1940’s actually. (Read Entire Post)...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

1 May 1957 “Celillo Falls, Oregon”

nixondallesdam Vice president Richard Nixon speaking at a dedication of the Dalles dam.
In 1952 the Army Corp of Engineers began the construction of a concrete dam to run a new electric power company in Oregon. They completed the dam in 1957. On March 10, hundreds of observers looked on as the rising waters rapidly silenced the falls, submerged fishing platforms, and consumed the village of Celilo. The various falls had been a part of the communities food and money. Here is a poignant video about that day and its affects on the local people... (Read Entire Post)
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