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21 January 1933 “30’s Gal or 50’s Gal: A Time Traveler Confused and Open to Suggestions”

30swoman 50swoman

I am sorry that this post is going to be, sad to say, another response to a readers comment. Surely I am bad in not merely posting more 1930’s findings today, but I often consider thoughtfully what readers comment or write to me. I try, as best I can, to be both true to what I see my project being and also to consider my readers as well.

Here was the comment:

50s Gal,
I have followed and enjoyed your blog for the past couple of years and now I am wondering "what happened?" From the tone of our 1950s blog it seemed that you had embraced the 1950s lifestyle and mindset ans were living an authentic 1950s life. Was it all a game? Why have you suddenly changed decades in the way you live? I guess you want to stay current in the trendy way of switching lifestyles and tastes, but you really had me fooled into believing that you were truly a 1950s gal. I guess in our modern world we can just flip the channel and restructure our min and life to project whatever image we want. I was duped into thinking your blog was real.

No man (or woman) is an island until them self. Were I still to be in the 1950’s or had I truly been in the 1950’s I should have come from somewhere and that would have been the past. I would not have magically dropped down into a decade to stagnate and remain. I am also finding many things I did in the 1950’s to have been founded in the 1930’s and many housework things seem similar but simpler. And there is the rub or should I say the LURE. What made 1955 so wonderful for me at the end that I couldn’t leave? It was Simplifying one’s life.

Perhaps, being a modern person, I have merely ‘switched the channel’ who can say. It is possible to live outside of one’s time to an extent but again, I am not an island. I truly and honestly feel a responsibility to my readers and such notions do take me to heart. I should not like to seem disingenuous to anyone or to seem to be acting contrary to my words. I don’t like the “do as I say not as I do” form of dictatorship.

But, I also keep going back to what is expected of me. I must remember this is simply a blog documenting my own project for my own sake. I receive  no pay nor dictum from a higher source and do not, honestly, answer to anyone for my choices nor decisions. I have, of course, come to truly feel you the readers make it all worth the while and I love sharing with you. However, much work goes into that sharing and were it to become a place where I must constantly explain or try to appeal to you why I do this or that, it would begin to feel rather stressful. I know this is simply one commenter, but for all I know there may be many who feel this way.

One of the reasons I ran my poll was to see how you, my readers, felt and a vast majority were quite thrilled about my idea. And that idea, I thought, had validity within my 1955 project in that the same impetus that drove me to understand the 1950’s was there to help me consider the time before that. I am willing, however, to restructure my blog as may be helpful and beneficial for all. I could attempt to split my week between the 50’s and the 30’s but might be dizzy at the attempt.

My future plans with the Depression and the 1930’s was to really dig in deep to that time and I even considered an opportunity to move towards the late decade as the year ended and approach our UK sisters and their struggles in 1939 at the onset of WWII.

Therefore, today I shall post another poll up to the left for you to vote. I shall not, I promise, waste this year constantly addressing comments but in many ways such discourse helps me to look at and dissect my next move within the project and my life. Also, I feel the Forum, which I have even left decorated in 1950’s style, is very much mid-century still.

I can’t help, though, feel odd that my wish to study another decade somehow makes me unreal or fake? I also know one cannot please all the people. And, if such a person is truly unhappy, why would they not just click away, what purpose  for their hurtful remark?  Was it to merely be mean? I don’t know.

I feel people’s meanness or lashing out often is a camouflage for some deeper hurt. Therefore, rather than dismissing their action as ‘mean’ it makes me think: Did my previous blog provide to them some shelter or happy harbor from a sad life? Did they enjoy my little oasis so as better to live in their own unhappy world? And if so, have I , like perhaps the modern world has done to them, merely turned my back on them? I should hate to think myself a brute in that way. Perhaps, in my decision, I am merely being a modern gad about flitting from one thing to the next? I certainly am always willing to look at my own faults when others point them out. We are, unfortunately, always the last to see them. And I could very well be making a mistake or being callous, I don’t know. It is food for thought.

I should like, in my life and these writings, to feel I am providing, not only for myself, but for my readers something. Rather it is an oasis, or even a platform to disagree but to better discuss their own life and choices. But, I should not like to seem to be disingenuous or hurtful or, as the commenter pointed out, not being ‘real’.

I cannot help but look at and dissect such comments and I hope those who have enjoyed my foray thus far into the 1930’s don’t fell I am not being fair to them by merely addressing such a comment. But, I truly would like to know how many of you feel. I honestly was rather excited about my year in the 1930’s figuring, most likely, to return to the 1950’s at year’s end. But, if I have somehow failed you all in my further time travel, I am elastic and can restructure my ways. We are only a few weeks in.

Or, as considered, be a sort of Time-Traveling commuter, taking my train mid-week on a journey betwixt the 1950’s and 1930’s: addressing 1958 and the Depression. I shall let you help me to decide. Therefore the poll is in the upper right and I will appreciate your comments and polling. Thank you all for being a part of my lovely project so far.

Happy Homemaking.


  1. I honestly feel this is your choice. Don't let anyone tell you how to feel, think or behave. I feel like the comment was meant to make you feel bad about your decision. Honestly, to me I find it very interesting and educational. I've often asked myself if I could go back in time when would that be and I've never settled on an answer. As long as you know this is really 2012...I'm okay with any era. I cut my hair 40s style but have very thick hair and the rolling and setting was too much for me. That's as far into an era I have delved. I wear aprons quite a bit but prefer to mix modern with vintage. It makes me happy. Do what makes you happy!

  2. I voted in your poll that my preference is for you to stay in the 1930's. When you announced this change I was *so excited* to explore a new time period with you. To be honest I was growing a bit tired of the 1950's, and wasn't excited to be heading toward the 1960's.

    But it is YOUR blog and if you want to change time periods every day that is YOUR right. And although I can understand wanting to learn from criticism, in my opinion, anonymous criticism is cowardly and not worth worrying about. If someone is genuinely wanting to address a grievance with you, the least they could do is stand behind their words by signing their name.

  3. Oh, I also wanted to say that I LOVE your new haircut. I think it is very flattering and the little barrette was just ADORABLE!

  4. I think anyone that feels "deceived" or "disappointed" with your new project needs to disconnect for a bit and get a life. This is your blog and your project and you can do whatever you want - you don't owe anybody anything and going back in time is just going to deepen your appreciation and understanding of the 1950's. The 1950's was only one decade and there were centuries of history leading up to them - you would be limiting your understanding of the 50's if you neglected to at least sample some of the preceding years. Especially decades as historically significant as the 20's, 30's and 40's. And I think the fact that you do take these cowardly anonymous comments so personally and give them so much reflection shows that you do care. But I hate the fact that these stupid little comments upset you so much and distract you from your project - haters are gonna hate, so let it roll off your back and if you lose a reader or two in this process, then good riddance. You can't please everybody and I think you should focus on the fact that you've still got 800+ readers that are cheering you on. If people are going to take this new project personally and make it all about themselves, then by all means, find some new blog to follow and don't let the screen door hit you on the way out.

  5. Donna, your heartfelt effort to try and understand why someone would be so upset that you changed the blog's focus is very kind and illustrates your openminded nature. I took the comment to be the obnoxious whine of entitlement.

    Whatever you decide be sure you enjoy it. It's your LIFE that you're sharing, not simply our entertainment.

    Sarah H

  6. You do whatever you like, my dear - this is your blog, you're the one doing the research and giving us the privilege of sharing in what you find out. As one born in 1951, I'm interested in the conclusions drawn about that decade by those younger than I - and I may say yours are very insightful. I didn't vote, because it is your choice - but :) I would be interested in what you learn of the '30s and the preceding decades that made them what they were. Good luck - and thankyou!

  7. Good grief. It is your life, your blog, and you can do whatever you want!!!!!! I have enjoyed every post and am just thankful you are so generous to share with others. Dee

  8. Dear Donna:

    I do like your blog and will enjoy reading it in the future. In fact, I read your blog everyday, as it is attached to my own in the favorite places to go. I enjoyed your 50's experience and I am sure I will learn from your 30's lifestyle as well. I, also, am in the camp that says it is your life, your blog, and we are the ones who get it have the fun of sharing it from you. You owe us nothing, we owe you a hearty "THANK YOU"! You are very kind and would make a great neighbor! Would you consider living in the "South"? LOL :)

    Mrs. B

  9. I think that it's interesting that anyone can be so "stuck" on a time period to such an extent that they are blind to the bigger picture.

    I read your blog because I think in all of our modern busyness and convenience, we've lost something valuable. We forget that homemaking is an art. We forget that nurturing our families is more than grabbing take-out on our way home from pedicures and pee-wee football practice. We are so disconnected from the sacrifice, hard work and effort of simply living!

    We SHOULD learn from the generations that have come before us, whether they were the 50's, the 30's, or the turn of the 20th Century. And dithering and whining about the "when" just goes to show how removed and spoiled our modern lives have taken us from our history.

    I say we should ALL live the lives, learn the lessons, become better people, WHENEVER weu live. Anything else is just playing dress up-- modern or past!

    Thank you for allowing us, your readers, to share in such an intimate journey of your private heart. I know I'll keep reading. :-)

    Mama Rachel

  10. It's your blog, do what you like. Otherwise, your heart won't be in it. I will continue reading either way because no matter what decade you are in, I am always learning from you. It's the idea of learning from the past, not staying in a particular decade, that I find interesting.

  11. Donna,
    as many have said...this is your blog, your life, your project. Do what you want!
    Here is food for thought. When I read the comment you shared, my immediate thought was had you stayed in the 50's (or continue to stay there), you are not going to be stagnant. You *will* move forward. Case in point, you started your project in 1955 and progressed, quite naturally, to 1958. You did not "stay" in 1955. Would those taking offense at your time travel to the 1930's be just as appalled that you head into the 1960's (which, I admit, I would find just as fascinating!)? Of course they would, because you would no longer be in the '50's.

    I first found your blog because I love vintage. At the time, I specifically was drawn to the 50's, however I have now found my niche in the 40's. I have learned so much through your writing and your blog. You have such a passion for history and sharing. While it's admirable you want to take everyone's feeling into account, you really can't please everyone all of the time.

    I will, of course, continue to read no matter what you decide! Best of luck!

  12. The comment made me a a bit shocked. I am constantly evolving as a blogger living the simple life on a farm. Your blog was never to me solely someone living in the 1950's. Your blog was as if I was taken to front stage of history. Going through the journey and discussing clothing, hairstyles, food, marriage, homes, autos, and television.

    I am on this journey with you, not the era. I live with the Who says mentality. This is because my husband and I had to reinvent ourselves from suburbanites climbing the financial ladder then having a catastrophic injury change our lives. We had to decide-were we to support ourselves without financial help, or would we need government help. We opted to seek a life that was more fulfilling but far less hectic. We rolled up our sleeves-so to speak, and bought a desolate house on several acres and called it a farm. By the way, we are in the heart of the desert. Yet, here we are 7 years later and no longer the social bugs we were, but living and supporting ourselves.

    Did I let down the world, when we changed mid life?
    Did I let myself down, when we bought a farm, even though I had never had animals besides a dog? Nope...

    And neither are you. You have taken your fifties experience alongside the current events-as you are 21st century also...and decided that the thirties were a time of trouble and worry-much as we are now.I have not read the previous comments because your going to the 1930's will be a blessing to many that are ill prepared for the road ahead in our nation. Your experiences in the 1950's allowed you to be able to go back further. YOU will enlighten most of us on skills and simple tips that have been long forgotten.

    Also-you are true to who I imagine you as, because I see you as:
    A teacher,
    A homemaker,
    an author,
    someone I would love to share coffee cake with,
    and a modern day historian.

    May you know that you have made a difference to me already, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  13. This is YOUR BLOG and YOUR LIFE and YOUR CHOICE!!! I am here daily reading because I love the passion, care, and excitement you feel and convey with your writing - it's contagious!!!!

  14. Please, plug ahead and dig a deep as you can into your projects! Everyone grows and changes over time. It would be stifling, silly, and unnatural to find your sole identity with a single point in time. You owe it to no one but yourself to continue grow and develop in knowledge and new skills. Have a gay time of it!! ;)

    Mrs. C.

  15. Personally, I would have liked it if you moved further along in the 1950s to 1960s etc., because as a historian I like to see the chronological progress of things. But, this is YOUR blog, so do what what like & what makes YOU happy.

  16. I am (hopefully) looking forward to some posts with menus and recipes and household tips like the wonderful ones you did in the 1950s. I hope that this unpleasantness can be put behind us and you can set your mind to what you are doing and not worrying about some negative Nellies. I have enjoyed your blog since the beginning and will be interested in whatever you choose to do. Best of luck.

    PS I red you husband's blog a few times last year and am wondering if he is still in the 1950s or if he has moved to the 1930s with you.

  17. I think that it is the reverse time-travel that has gotten some people's girdles in a twist. It seems natural to think that one would progress forward in time rather than back, but heck if it works for you, so be it! Have a cuppa tea, a good nights rest, and move on in the morning with your project as you want; don't pay any mind to those naysayers and bullies.

  18. Just wondering if you are planning on updating your bog name from 50sgal to 30sgal. Also, I can not wait for you to replace your 1950s profile picture (darlin' as it is) with a 1930s snap of you.



  19. The only thing I have found offensive about you time change is when you try to compare the 1930s to the current economic climate in the US. Shocking!

    Other than that, it is light and cute and fun.

  20. Some people are jerks. It's your blog, you don't have to justify yourself to anyone! If you lose a twit of a 50's diehard and then you win a 1930's heart over, lovely. BTW have you ever seen 'Depression Cooking with Clara' on youtube??? Have a lovely 30's day!

  21. The negative posts lately are snarky catty comments rather than legit input; it's hard not to let those types of posts bother you - however all the supportive and interested comments far out number posts by those who feel they've been somehow personally offended and therefore want to personally offend in return.

    And, there are always those who see history in narrow terms rather than broad and varied with time periods, and therefore view a time period as a single snapshot. Maybe it's because that's how history is taught most schools - that "everyone" at a certain time felt the same way/looked the same/acted the same/lived the same. Why, that's no more true for any time period in the past than it is today!

    My Grandma had her long hair cut short in 1924, shortly after my mom was born. She immediately regretted it (she always said), but all her friends had short hair and encouraged her to get hers cut as well. She never grew it long again and in all the photos of her during the 20's, 30's, and after she has short hair. My other Grandma also had short hair, with waves, in pictures from the early 1920's and after.

    Don't let the negative comments get you down; it's your blog and your ideas! If you want to do a different time period a week then that's up to you! I actually don't think the negative posters are really that interested in what year you are pursuing; I think the interest is in making negative comments and watching for feedback to see if the struck a nerve. If you were blogging about slipcovers for sofas they'd find a way to comment negatively about that.

  22. I love that you've gone further back in time. It's so interesting to learn abou another time and to see the lovely pictures and videos you post. You are def one of my favorite blogs and I get excited when I see a new post. I also love the old-fashioned, lovely language that you use.

    Ultimately, this is your baby and you get to decide where/when it goes. And I'll gladly follow, learning as I do.

  23. I was looking forward to the new blog. In the 1950's blog we followed along while you learned about art,music,cooking,we found out about floods and snowstorms,politics ,history,and writers. I was looking forward to learning about the 1930's the same way. Did the reader really think you were living total 1950? If so you would have had to turn your computer off. They have what is called "stinking thinking" . they like to pass it around and it is contagious.

  24. This is your blog and your thoughts and your life. If someone does not agree they do not have to come here. You study the years you are on at that time and inform us along with yourself on those times. I frankly love it all. I am personally more into the 30s...I lived through the 50s! :) But I will enjoy whatever yard you picked. And I do. That is your privilege to choose what is contained in your personal posts and blog. We are behind you. Enjoy yourself and stop worrying over other people's gripes! :) Thank you for all your work here.... Sarah

  25. Darling,
    it is up to you to blog what you wish. It is up to us, the reader, to follow or not. Many people do feel a sense of ownership of you as a commodity perhaps? I know for me you are right at the top of my IGoogle page and a part of my everyday routine! But everyone should remember ,the wonderful woman behind the typeface has her own life to lead. What is interesting about ALL your work is the way you reflect back to the present day ethos and that is what history is all about, the cycles the dips and rises. the internet is big enough for everyone to find what they are looking for.
    Following you to whichever decade you decide on...
    Betty3303 xxx

  26. I'm going to come out of hiding to add my 2 cents as it were. and to encourage you to keep at this wonderful project! It's been a very long time since I've commented on any blog but I have to tell you, dear Donna, how very much I appreciate your blog. I've learned so much about the 50's from you-my grandma was a wife and mother in her mid-30's during the 1950's and it gave me much perspective about what her life would have been at the time. Now I'm very excited about learning about the 1930's because my grandma was a teenager at the time and my great-grandmothers were the youngish wives and mothers. I had my own blogs for a time and I know how hurtful naysayers can be but we are all behind you on this. I believe we can learn so much about saving money, reusing, and doing without by following your journey through time. Darcy

  27. Of course your blog is "real" and you provide many of us with little bits of information and insights that we wouldn't normally come across--which is why we follow you!! I enjoyed your trip to the Fifties, but I am looking forward to learning more about the Thirties. Bravo for going in a new direction!!

  28. I must admit that I haven't read your entire post and the comments. I'm short on time today but I did want to say something. I voted in your poll for you to stay in the 1930s, but only because I suspect that's what you want, and ultimately thats what I think you should do. It's your life and your blog and you should do precisely what you want with both.

    I've been reading your blog (admittedly not regularly) since shortly after you started your 1955 project. I've been fascinated and educated with your posts and have thoroughly enjoyed reading. I don't see why that would change while you experience life in 1933. You spend a lot time and energy, and put a tremendous amount of work and thought into your posts. And what you do is appreciated by your regular readers. I can imagine that this type of post is upsetting to you. But in this life it is never possible to please all the people all the time. And in this particular endeavour, I think you should be pleasing yourself.

    With many thanks for all you do with this blog and with the Apron Revolution,

  29. lol...Oh how the reader/writer relationship does burn! Dear do what YOU most want to do. I'd much rather read an inspired blog than a burned out blogger's dwindling posts! I've had a hard time myself this year as I broke away from a writing persona of almost ten years duration, but people got so very testy about my not sticking to strictly thrifty posts. The truth is I am a whole person and needed to express that in MY writing. My life changed and I needed to change my blog writings to reflect that. Tough cookies to those who didn't think I should I step out and be myself. Tough cookies to those few individuals who think you owe them something. You're exploring who YOU are not who they are!

  30. Perhaps, I should add that I really think you have been living as close to the era as possible. I have really enjoyed your research and its application. I didn't want anyone to miss understand me. keep it up what ever year. thanks

  31. Please oh please post some 1930s tidbits and stop devoting posts to responding to the naysayers.

    If you ignore them they will starve and move on for a new source of nourishment.

    Stay strong.


  32. Just stop the politics, the attacks and the rebuttals, and get back to what you do best ... happy homemaking.

    Vintage Friend

  33. I love your blog. I enjoyed it when you went through the 50's and I was excited when you said you would be going through the 1930's. I think it would be too hard to go back and forth from one era to the next alternating days. Besides that going through the 1930's leads in the direction of the 1950's and can perhaps help understand events of the 1950's. I look forward to going through the 1930's through your blog. I find it very exciting and think you do a very good job. :)

  34. It took me until my third child to realise that I needed to ignore, and not dwell on, some of the advice I was given, no matter how kindly meant. Our blog 'babies' are the same. Take in the good,tweak it to your way of doing things, and ignore the bad. Easier said than done I know! My blog is also about research for me (1942), so I understand the move to the 30s. If you had kept going in the 50s, you would have move to the 60s - not everyone will be happy about your choices, just make sure you are.

  35. Again I will say that you shall follow your heart, NOT your readers’ wishes! Go do what you feel is right, and those readers who doesn’t like it can just pop over to another blog. It is not your problem. I loved the fifties better than the thirties (not your fault, I simply just like the fifties better), but I love your writing so I stay tuned and look forward to your new adventures. I think the thirties have come gradually, I feel you have worked your way and mind towards it during the past year, so it is no big surprise to me. You could also ask yourself if you really need a “project” in your life? Why not just live the way you like to – be it a mixture of the fifties (e.g. dresses) and thirties (make do and mend). That dizzy going back and forth each week will not be fun.

    Remember – can’t please every one, so I got to please myself (as Ricky Nelson sang in the fifties).

    Btw: I sent you a homemade Christmas card but have got it back. Could you mail me your address so I can resend it to you?

  36. I totaly agree with Sanne.
    Why don't you just live your life the way you feel best with. You like 50's Fashion a 30's haircut the 50's confort but the 30's make and mend spirit well go for it, take the best of each area and mix it all up. Anyway just wanted to say, don't let other people tell you what's best for you, I dont think one can be happy living a life dictated by others.


  37. Are you planning on kitting-out your home in 1930s style, or will you be keeping your 1950s decor, dishes, cooking things. etc. Will you be changing your wardrobe as well, or keeping all the 1950s items you have collected over the years. Too bad you didn't start with the 1930s and progress to the 1950s, then you could have added to your things without it looking lite a bizarre reverse time warp.

  38. I found your blog by accident two weeks ago and I've been making my way back reading your posts and I had to comment after reading this. Being an Anthropologist by profession I found the idea more than intriguing. I even discussed it with a colleague and she began reading as well. Last Monday we were able to talk and we found that we had changed things in our personal lives based on this blog. We were both struck by the idea of what we have lost as a culture. The small things that once made up the fabric of society-interaction. She went home and organized a card game for herself, her husband and friends, my husband and I played board games and we laughed more than we've laughed in a long time. We cheated, we played for things other than money ;) but it was fun. The TV wasn't turned on once this weekend and it was the best weekend we've had in a long time. My point is that this blog and your experiment made us look at the world in a better way. I'm not one that is always looking to the past and moaning about the present in spite of my job, but there are things that can be gained for taking a look at things that we have come to think of as normal.
    So I would like to tell you that when it comes to comments such as these I hope you will remain true to what you want and that one of our times best and worst feature is the ability that we now have to comment on others lives without having to face them. So far from reading back I didn't think you were trying to be a 50's gal, I thought you were trying to learn who YOU are anyway that you could, and learn what really matters to you.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  39. You do with your blog (as well as your life) as you see fit.
    Who is someone to come and tell you you conform to their image of how you should be, behave, live?
    Next time you get a comment like that stop as soon as you realize it to be mean and delete it. I agree with you that mean people have other issues than just "bullying" but unless they want help, I'd just "turn the channel". I refuse to waste my precious time on those who just suck the energy right outta me !

  40. I came across your site looking for 1950s inspiration
    Incredible photos - really grabs the decade
    We ran an article recently on the 1950s and would love to refer to your blog.

    Reading about your choice, i think every decade has a lot to offer, sounds like your followers hear love your blog and excepted your changes over time. It would be stifling to find your choice of decade with a single point in time.

    So blog your passion 30s or 50s both amazing

  41. Donna,
    I have followed you for a long time and have enjoyed every bit. This has been an exploration of time and to travel else where is part of the spirit. There is so much to learn and you are teaching history as you find your nitch. I once loved the victorian times and savored every bit of it I could get. Then again times of the war taught us so much and the freedoms of women are wonderful. The fifties gives such hope. The sixties? Well as I lived through that too, I have no desire to return as so much I feel was lost. Life became more complicated. I take the bits I love from every era.
    So travel where you please, teach us when you can, and have peace in knowing your true historians march right behind you!

  42. Donna,

    I am also a long time follower of your blog - since the very beginning in fact. As I said before it is really your choice how you choose to live. I just feel really fortunate to have the opportunity to share it by reading your blog. I really enjoy your writing and I have learned alot by all you have researched and written about.

    Please do not let a comment by someone you don't know in real life make you question your reasons for doing what you do. In the end it is you - and your life and really no one elses business how you choose to live your life. Sorry, that sounded a bit blunt.

    I love reading your blog and while I did enjoy the 1950's very much - I'm sure I will enjoy the 1930's too just as much as long as it is you writing. Follow your passion.

    Michelle in Canada

  43. I'm late in commenting as usual! When that person said she had been following your blogs for the last couple of years, she obviously has not read them in depth, or else didn't understand all of your thoughtful connections between the past, the 50's, and the present. No regard for the bigger picture at all. I think the people who are upset about all of this are the ones who love the 50's only superficially....they only like the aesthetics of the era and couldn't care less about the rest. What you are doing goes so way beyond the surface level of hairstyles, makeup, clothing, etc. I say ignore them and just get on with it (though I do understand that getting such comments hurts).

    I think you should change your comment settings to disallow anonymous ones. Notice that it's always the anonymous ones that hurl these at you because you have no way of knowing who they are.

  44. I'm also late commenting! I catch-up with your blog every Saturday, like some people do with the morning paper. I read your blog and enjoy every bit of it, no matter the decade.

    I echo everyone: it is your blog! I am thrilled you are sharing your experiences, research, joys, struggles, purchases, and other bits with us all. Your blog in some ways reminds me of the rural wife columns some newspapers had. (I love those too!) You're open and refreshingly honest about this lovely experiment-turned-life and your posts often challenge me just as much as they pleasure me with the aesthetics of the decade.

    Despite the improvements the 50s brought, and as much as I love the beatnik look, Audrey Hepburn, and other classy things, the juxtaposition of glamour and poverty experienced in the 1930s is too interesting and absorbing to miss. There is something about how the 30s influenced the 40s, 50s, until the new tide of the 1960s begin eroding the values of that era. Personally, I'm all too glad you went backwards instead of forward. It isn't strange. Often we must go back to understand the present and find direction for the future.

    With that, forget the few naysayers and plow on. While I find your open and positive attitude to the criticism most kind and gracious (and exponentially mature) you've expounded your position enough. Betsy made an excellent point: those who are upset that you left for the 30s is probably do a superficial preoccupation they hold with the 50s.

    Onward, dear Donna!



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