Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ready for the new year

I have to come realize this blog I registered actually had belonged to someone else. I was also surprised to see that she was going to do the same thing I am going to do starting jan 1, that is live a year as a 1950's housewife.
I hope any who find me will stick around, as I see, poor thing, it kind of got to her after a while. I hope I can handle it, but we shall see. I really like her blog and hope I can make one as intersting for any of you who want to follow me along on my project.
It is a very busy time right now and I have to enjoy my 21st. century a little more. As, come Jan 1 it will be 1955. At least, I think that is a good time to start and then allow myself any new things to come up until 1960 as the year progresses. We shall see.
I hope u come back and check it out.
Thanks and merry christmas!


  1. I found the old blog by accident and was suprised to see it was gone the other day.

    I am excited to keep up with yours (and a bit jealous!) Good luck!

  2. Wishing you all the best & I look foward to reading your blog.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. I followed her blog and really thinks she missed the points of the 50's all together. While she certainly had the cleaning going on, what she lacked for me was the certain struggle women were dealing with being forced back into the home. Coming after the war these women were so fiercely independent and had a righteous sense of commitment to their families and doing what was best. Marzipan seemed to be more concerned with her bangs, girdle and outfits that she didn't see beyond a techna-color dream. What she wasn't realizing is, the image of the 50's housewife she had was propaganda. It did not stop after the war, women were told what to do, what to wear and why in order to create this new world image. Rosie the Riveter didn't become Betty Crocker on her own and for no reason. She did it because of duty, she did it because of sacrifice....
    Anyhow, I hope your journey is fulfilling for you my dear.

  4. Stephanie, I felt the same way that by trying to succumb to the 'image' created by the magazines of the time and television, she was creating a stereotype rather than a situation one may have found themselves in after the freedoms of the war. I have a few friends that are 'into' the fifties with me, so I will have at least the connection with 'other house wives' that she unfortunately lacked. It shall be an adventure and tho, I know, it won't be an accurate portrayal of a 1950s housewife, it will, none the less, be an interesting experiment into the thoughts and actions on the doemestic level. I am also reading and studying the politics and such of the times as well as what lead up to post war.

  5. So did she end up deleting her blog? I was reading it for a while, and then it was randomly gone with no explanation.

  6. no she moved to my decade year, I believe it is now called. She is now doing the 60s then 100 days of the 70s and then the 80s. Interesting, tho I do not, myself, ever want to relive the 80's thank you very much!

  7. hey kitten i can't wait to see what you do with this blog...i am a vintage wearin' kitten who loves the sentiment of livin' a vintage 50's lifestyle...can't wait to see more swing on over and say

  8. I, too, am eager to see how your experiment goes. It sounds like you already have one thing that will be quite helpful--a support group of other like-minded women.

    Is your husband 100% on board with this?

    What are you doing to prepare for Day 1? That would be a very interesting post detailing how you're going back in time.

    I agree that one thing the 50s wives had in common was the belief that their work WAS important. Taking care of the children and providing an environment of nuture for her family was a role that was worthwhile and honorable. Though I'm not limiting myself to 50s implements and clothing, I have the same mindset. I also homeschool which is an element that the 50s wife did not have the privilege of doing.

    On a superficial note, I hope that you'll post pictures of your clothes and whatever vintage cooking/cleaning/etc. items you'll be employing.

    I love that kind of stuff!


  9. Wow. I was wondering why what I was reading sounded nothing like Marzipan, and I was completly confused why she was telling us things over, silly me!

  10. This is going to be an interesting project! Do you have a Flickr badge as well. Thanks for finding me so I could find you!

  11. Hi love!

    I've just found your blog and I intend on reading the WHOLE THING! I can't wait to see how the year has gone for you! I myself have always been passionate about the 1950's and was fortunate enough to be a 'housewife' for a few years. I hope you enjoy the experience!!

  12. This may be personal, but how old are you? Were you a little girl in the early 60s (it was 50s until Kennedy assassination) or did you hear about the times from movies, tv shows, and fashion. Im in my early 50s now, and would like to find a 'club' of women eager to take a look at the times///////////////JOYEUX NOEL


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