Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mini post to thank everyone!

This is just a quick note, I will do my post tonight and again tomorrow, but I just had to really thank everyone for their great comments and support.
What was funny, was my blue feeling left me not wanting to leave the project, but to literally go back to 1955. It is almost as if the more I do and experience about it (though I know it is from the standpoint of the present) it makes me long for it more.
I fell renewed and energized. I sort of want to even add a bit more to my blogs, as I really have been reading alot of vintage interior design books and think a section every day or everyother day about various styles and ideas for the home from my various books. I am also excited to start doing these things to my home and will want to do before and after pics.
Thank you so much. I had to go out and get my brakes done today and I spent the day with my most sympathetic vintage friend who dresses vintage everytime we are together. Her car would not start today, of all days, so she went with me to the garage and dropped off the car with me and then we walked a mile on slippery sidewalks in our flats and stockings and hats etc to the local cafe and played cribbage, dished, and talked about fashion and such. SO, it was a good day and I have come home to so many wonderful comments. Thank you again.
I just had to post this between my getting dinner prepared and setting the table.


  1. I am glad that you are feeling soo much better, if you want to go back think about it very carefully and make sure your husband is supportive. Don't cut yourself off from the modern world to much and still indulge in some modern things every now and again. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment!
    It sounds like you have had a fab day; I love a lot of the vintage clothes!
    I will look forward to seeing what you do in your house!
    Love Lou xxx

  3. sounds great... and I understand exactly how you feel...

    I stepped out of my office one day and was instantly homesick for Europe, even though I was only there for 9 months about 6 years ago...

    I just wanted to be there so bad...

    admittedly, getting to Europe is a tad easier than getting back to 1955...

  4. Glad to see your sadness was brief, and for the right reasons. I, for one, wish that, after a year we all see this blog continue under the new title of "My 1950's Life". :)

    Of course you can't literally travel back to the 50's, barring the invention of the time machine. (And if that unlikely event happened, I'd be first in line to purchase a one-way ticket to about 1947 or so, believe me!) What you can do, as many of us vintage gals have happily discovered, is to bring the best of the 1940's and 1950's into your life, making your it so much richer for doing so.

    So, next time you do get the blues, just remember you have many, many friends and supporters following this blog here to lent you a kind word of reassurance and support.

  5. 1 more vintage_I was just going through my old posts and finding comments I had not read. What a nice comment this is! I did get over my blue hump and it was a sort of cathartic moment that has really allowed me to come into my project more whole and more like a sponge soaking up all I can! Thank you so much and what a lovely group of people I shall know at the end of this year. I think that my 1950s life is becoming more a likelihood!


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