Saturday, February 14, 2009

14 February 1955 "Happy Valentines Day"

Just a quick one tonight as we have plans tonight in the city.

I just wanted to show off one of my two valentines day gifts from my darling hubby. This wonderful vintage fur coat! He won't tell me where he found it, but I love it! I am wearing it out tonight to dinner and the theatre.

I made this shot like a colored black and white photo. I am wearing my mother's pearl earrings and one of my new hats. I also am wearing a new pair of vintage inspired shoes that I LOVE!

Let's just say the theme today is love.

Oh, the second 'gift' is a new dishwasher. Not really, it is the one that already lives in our kitchen, but hubby said it would have been a good valentines day gift and he is right. I was looking for the right time to start using it and this is it!

Also, a quick story about what I love about 1955 compared to 2009: Garters and stockings! The other day I didn't have any clean stockings and I had to go out, so I broke down, reached into the hidden recesses of my lingerie drawer, where the 21st century items have been stashed and pulled out a pair. They are horrible. They pinck and slide down. At one point, in the grocery store, I was sure they were about to plop down to my ankles. I am sure, ladies, you know what I mean. I am quite tall and this has always been a horror for me, finding nylons long enough for comfort, but with stockings, they stay put and leave one free and easy, yay 1955!

Here is a list from one of my 'new' home books that seem like really good ideas.
SO, I will leave these with you to think upon on this fine Valentines Day evening.

Until tomorrow, then, Happy St. Valentines Day!


  1. I dig vintage coats too although I wouldn't wear fur, fake feels lovelier. I do enjoy wearing vintage clothes though too :-)

  2. You look gorgeous! I hope you both have a great time out on the town. :)

  3. Ohhhhhhhh *sigh* What a beautiful coat! I have often commented to My Honey that I long for the days when women even wore fur coats here in Los Angeles when it was over 80 degrees. My step-grandmother had a fur stole that she would wear when they visited and I would sit there "petting" it, longing for the day when I, too, would get to wear one.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. amy-I feel since the coat is vintage that the animals have died along time ago and it would be cruel at this stage to have such a coat be thrown away, and synthethic fake fur is made by petroleum I believe which is horrible on the environment, so I am all for wearing a natural item that is being recycle, plus it feels wonderful and is quite warm
    Mist-thank you
    Dr. Julie Ann-Isn't it funny that fashion could dictate such a statement. I wonder if people tolerated temperatures differently because they always wore so many clothes? Look at the Victorians in summer! We would roast today, but they did not.

  5. Ooo süper fün!!!! And an earth friendly vintage pick! Happy V Day!!! <3 üdo

  6. ps: hilarioüs.... is that Jack LaLane over there? ---------->
    I met him in person a few years ago... 2004? in NJ.... he's one hellüva cütie... and in great shape... still! <3 üdo

  7. The fur coat really suits you!

  8. So, do you prefer washing dishes by hand, or using the dishwasher? I know people who love washing dishes by hand. I like washing dishes by hand when there are not a lot of them because I don't really care for dishes sprawling all over my counter when there are a lot of them. Really, I don't care either way, as long as they get done.

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention in my post above, very nice coat!

  10. I know what you mean about the stockings. I have very short (but wide) legs and stockings have always worked better for me. And I just won the auction on some 1940s "utility" (CC41) stockings on eBay! Woo Hoo!

    I don't wear fur either, but the time I did wear a fur coat I also justified it by the fact that the animals would have died from old age decades before I was born (it was my step-mother's mother's coat). But I still haven't worn real fur since then.

  11. Fabulous! I wonder where he got that coat too.

  12. He fessed up and told me he got it on ebay. What was funny is the tag told us it was actually sold in a town not far from where we live now. I guess it has returned home to be loved once more. I know it isn't PC to wear fur, but I honestly love the way it feels and since I only wear vintage fur I feel it is okay and I honestly do think that faux fur and other non-natural fibers are really bad for the environment in the way they are made and processed, but we all like different things and we can all get along. I think women are particularly good at agreeing to disagree, but then still able to sit down to a cup of coffee and a chat anyway.

  13. Happy V-day!
    Hang on to your hubby, he is for sure a darling! Congrats on the beautiful fur, I also love fur, and a dishwasher. You must be upper-middle class! What treats. :)


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