Tuesday, February 24, 2009

24 February 1955, "I brought old Joe along for Dinner"

I only have time for a quick post, but I didn't want to go another day without one. This section in my cookbook is quite apropos for tonight.

My vintage friend and I were out shopping this afternoon and we spent over an hour in Joanne Fabrics, I think I might be getting addicted to sewing! I got some beautiful simple turquoise blue cotton and of course two new patterns, a darling pink tomato pin cushion for the eventual sewing room and some various notions. More on that later.

My husband, who works in the city (I know, very Mr. Blandings, non?) and he called and told me an old friend is coming home with him for dinner! Now, I had just got home, the house is clean, but I need to tidy, I have to throw the guest room linens in the wash, throw dinner together and a quick dessert! AHHH!

On the decorating front, I just got this book last night and read it almost cover to cover in bed last night. I didn't shut my bedside lamp out until 1 a.m. and now I have to freshen up to look good for our guest!
This is a room Dorothy Draper did, I believe it is an hotel, anyway, I just want to leave you with it, as it really strikes a balance for me between high drama city style and the country house. I think that is somewhat my design esthetic. Obviously this room is a bit grander than our little country house, but I do have a few busts and classical items. I am LOVING that navy wall. I am toying with that in the room I had shown in an earlier blog with the vintage 'early american' fabric.
I am excited about interiors and need to try and pinpoint my excitement in a blog tomorrow.
Now, I have to go make hollandaise sauce, coddle my egg for my Cesar dressing and pop some brownies in the oven. This housewife job is full time, I tell you.
Until tomorrow, then...


  1. I'm sure you will be very gracious hostess to your guest. Good luck with your dinner! :)


    PS: Thankfully this comment went through unlike yesterday when I tried unsuccessfully and eventually ended up leaving it on my own blog hoping you would find it!

  2. My husband is a professional paint contractor so I thought I'd give you a quick tip:

    If you choose a dark color like navy, you will actually need to buy MORE paint than a lighter color. The pigment is very thin and the dark color is achieved by layering--3-4 coats. And this is with high quality paint like Sherwin Williams!

    Another tip is to do just ONE wall. That will reduce the cost and give you a stunning "impact wall" of the color.

    Hope that's useful info!


  3. Wow, sounds like you have your work cut out. What an interesting colour. I like dark colours (our kitchen walls are blood red), but yes, you will need a load of coats to make sure the colour is really true, and not patchy. Maybe get some hunky decorators in while you sip on a G&T. ;)

    Gemma x x

  4. I like the sound of that Little Knitter! I am, actually, familiar with the dark walls. I recently did my bedrooms in deep chocolate and then learned (with a few trips to the paint store!)how many coats dark does need. I am not certain I will do this dark color, but I was struck by it. I really liked how my white trim, white accesories and white mantle came to 'life' after painting my walls a deep chocolate. I am exhausted after last night and need to get my kitchen clean then begin getting my blog together. Until later today, then...

  5. I think I'd kill Hubbs if he did that! But it seems like your husband called early in the day rather than 5 minutes before he walked through the door!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Oh, by the way, I'm so glad to be your "vintage friend" and so sorry it took me a lifetime to get to your blog... literally!

  8. One time My Honey walked in the door and said that a reporter from the local newspaper would be arriving in five minutes to interview him about an upcoming one-man show! Unfortunately, I had not embraced my inner homemaker at that time and our apartment was a disaster! I just grabbed everything and shoved it into the bedroom, combed my hair and tried to act pleasant.

    The interview went well and the reporter wrote a nice piece and a lot of people attended the opening reception as a result of the article. But I informed My Honey that he should have called me when he found out about the interview. He learned his lesson :)

  9. wow, Dr. Julie that would be scary. My mind set in the morning, after hubby leaves, is "what if my mother-in-law or any acquaintences (not close friends they wouldn't care) were to show up today, how would I want the house to look". That has sort of been my mental guide in the beginning of the project. I am still far from being completely organized and always tidy, but it is leaps and bounds about two months ago and hopefully will continue to improve.

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