Friday, February 6, 2009

5 February 1955 "Music and Mutts"

I have been so busy and a little ill today, so here is a very short blog with some music and a movie preview for 1955. Enjoy!

Elvis is continuing to make his move about. This actual poster sold for 43,000.00 recently. Anyway, where I am now I would still most likely say, "who is Elvis?" This, of course, would change by next year (1956)
On January 8, 1955 - Elvis Presley's third Sun Records single, "Milk Cow Blue Boogie" / "You're a Heartbreaker" was released.

Here is bye bye blackbird from this album which was released this year (1955):

I love Peggy Lee. Here she is in the 1950s and I would most likely have seen this on television at some point:

I LOVE Teresa Brewer! I discovered her by accident, had never heard of her, but she was a really big pop artist in the 1950s. One of my favorite songs she sings is this silly one, which my vintage friend and I now have dubbed our official 'sewing song'. It has NOTHING to do with sewing but we couldn't stop playing it when we were sewing together the other day. You know how you get, all giddy from begin cooped up all day together and both of us furiously zoomin away on our machines. I actually found this odd video of it on youtube. I hope you enjoy it, it is quite odd, but strangely addictive.

Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp comes out this year (1955) here is the preview I may have seen in the theatre: (Peggy Lee did the song of the cute dog in the pound as well as the siamese cats) This really is an interesting look at class structure and post war ideals, I didn't realize.
I will be back to a normal size and topical blog tomorrow.


  1. My Honey LOVES Peggy Lee! He hates spending money but he asked me to order several of her albums for him. I about keeled over at that so I know he really enjoys listening to her music.

  2. Music, Music, Music is such a catchy song! I love Teresa Brewer's voice.

    I've been meaning to ask - is there anything you really miss about modern life?

  3. Faron YOung and Ferlin Husky also shot to stardom in the country music world (of course not as much as Elvis, but they did have longevity).I remember there music when I was a little girl in the 70's.

  4. Jitterbug, I thought I would miss modern music, though my tastes are not mainstream, but the other day at a friends house they had the radio on and I don't even remember what it was, but the song was SO odd, all electronic and it honestly sounded like noise!
    I missed my microwave at first, but now I am an expert at pan frying bacon and when I want to heat up that coffee or tea, I simply put it in a pot and reboil it, not so bad really.
    I miss my dishwasher most of all, but that will soon change, as I found in a 1944 magazine a dishwasher in kitchens, so really I think I would have had one by now, so I am just deciding when to officially start using it again.
    You know, I hope this doesnt' sound like I am not being honest, but I really cannot think of one modern thing I have missed. Of course, that said, if I did go without my computer, I am sure I would be very unhappy. I am still trying to decide if I should do a month without it and just have hubby type in my blogs for me. If I did it in the summer, I would be so into outdoor things, I may not miss it as much.

  5. it's possibly asking your hubby a bit too much to type your blogs...

    think of it as letter writing - plus then you can blog whilst your hubby is out, instead of intruding on your private lives too much


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